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  1. Hey y'all! As we mentally prepare ourselves for another go at vHOF, there is one thing we are going to start doing and incorporating into every boss fight going forward: emphasis on our positioning and movement. Now I know this may be difficult for our DPS who like to constantly be on the move while they’re DPS’ing…but I’m going to politely ask y’all to cut that out. We are not chickens with our heads cut off. One thing you’ll notice in videos of progression groups running these harder trials is their emphasis on DPS (and sometimes healers) being stationary (either on their own or stacked as a group) with the exception of three possible scenarios: 1) Getting out of an AOE, 2) Adjusting positioning to wherever the boss and/or tank goes or 3) If they need to activate/interrupt a mechanic that is part of the boss fight. The purpose of this strategy is to minimize unnecessary damage and to move with purpose, reacting to boss mechanics and the environment in a concentrated and astute fashion, rather than moving just to move. This will take a lot of practice and getting used to, so I’m not going to hound y’all too much if I think your positioning is off or if I think you are being a headless chicken. But it is something that will make these encounters go a lot smoother if we can get really good at it. Here are some great visual examples of groups exercising this strategy: On their own: Stacked as a group within 5 meters of each other: @Calypso589 @orbitoclast @Elisel @Icy @PWiddy @-Glamazon- @TMUMT @witchbolts @Simralin @Cadensce @Felipe @Arcadian
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    Cyrodiil Siege - August 1 @11PM EST

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