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  1. LotRO Night!

    Been for ever since I've seen that. There are 2 other stone trolls I think, as far as I know. One is by himself. I want to say somewhere outside of the Shire maybe? That troll is pretty much covered in moss I believe. The other is in a dwarf cave. That one is pretty cool cause you can see the beam of light shining through where it turned the troll into stone. I think Gandalf the Grey did that by breaking the cavern wall. That one might also be a single player story instance too. I can't quite remember.
  2. Happy birthday Mr. Pink 

  3. Hey boss, I miss seeing you on the forums. Hope things are going well for you.

    1. Shant


      Thanks Azzareth, i'm doing ok. Trying to get busy with other things, been playing very little and my microphone is also broken so i haven't been on much. Hope you're doing fine too! :) 

  4. Happy birthday @Lys

  5. Happy birthday @Loviotor

    1. Azzareth


      Praying for yah. Hope things r going well

  6. Meme #0006

    He shouldn't of been killed to begin with, but that should of been Admiral Ackbar, not the purple haired lady that no one knows who she is. I'm sure u've watched it by now but if not. Watch How the Last Jedi Should Of Ended, by HISHE.
  7. Happy birthday  @SirenRae

    1. SirenRae


      Thank you, Azzareth!  :D

  8. Happy birthday @RaVem

    1. RaVem


      TYVM Azzareth!

  9. Happy birthday  @Getius

Congratulations to Siscia, Vil, Nightmare, & Shellflare on being the chosen Members of the Month for March 2018 for their primary divisions!

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