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  1. Happy Birthday Passi! Hope you have a great day buddy!


  2. Happy Birthday!!  I hope you are doing well. 

    1. Ben Coran

      Ben Coran

      Thank you, and I am. Sorry I haven't responded in so long. Work has sucked. How are you? 


  3. Redliger Listed in order of preference: Jungle (Tank, Fighter, and Mage) Mid (Mage or Assassin) Support (Tanks preferably) Top (Anything needed) Prefer not to adc but when called upon for it I can always bring out Kog'Maw, Twitch, or Corki. I play pretty much all the different types of game modes so willing to fill and do whatever.
  4. Say hi anytime if you would like, if I'm not working then I am usually on there even if I'm not playing games at the time.
  5. Oh why not haha Redliger - Ben Coran - Level 30 1. Jarvan IV: Jungle AD tank/bruiser. Can play him in lots of other positions if needed too. He is a fun mid in the right setting haha. 2. Rammus: Jungle tank 3. Viktor/Zed: AP and AD mids 4. Amumu: Jungle AP tank. 5. Taric/Braum: Support tanks. I have lots of other champions I can play as well if the team needs it, and in pretty much any position but ready and willing to help wherever.