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  1. I was wondering if those of you who play FFXIV would be interested in trying to re-build and re-establish an FFXIV division? Would you prefer to have just an organized casual group where we all get together from each realm and do in-game things together? What are your thoughts? What realm do you play on? I will go first: I am fine with either rebuilding and re-establishing as FFXIV as either a division or an organized casual group of players getting together to do in-game content together. I am a member of the RoH FC on Malboro I am willing to do whatever it takes.
  2. I am sorry Anan that you came into FFXIV at an odd time. At one point in time, we had a very good group of people that were very active and ran many activities and we were even petitioning the EC to become an actual Division. That was before people had real life issues, left the community, quit playing FFXIV when the new xpac came out for WoW AND there were free server moves. I have not played very much due to being 45-50 in queue to get into the Malboro server. Even if you stay on Mateus, you can still cross-realm to Malboro, Mateus or Balmung to enjoy RoH activities. I do not know if we have anyone who is considering or even thinking about organizing the RoH FFXIV players into a collective group and doing activities, having cross-realm events and all. I know that I have been considering it VERY much and that we need to get organized and have different activities we do together as a group. I am one of those people who do not like to PUG a group, too many bad experiences, and would rather run with a group from RoH.
  3. We have a Remnants of Hope FC in Malboro. Our tag is << HOPE>> but there is another FC that is <HOPE>.
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  7. Well, I had initially requested an invite from a member but they could not invite me and so I waited for my day off (today) to apply to the FC. I mean no disrespect or attitude, I apologize.
  8. I have some inquiries... How will we be handling the FC structure for the Malboro RoH FC? Will everyone get permission to invite people to the FC? Are we going to be a free for all FC? Who is going to be in charge of making sure we have the gil to buy an fc house and then there are the FC buffs and airships and submarines etc... Are we just going to all move to play or will someone be looking after all the FC stuff that we need to have done? I realize that this is just a casual game but it still helps to have a common goal and some good people to keep up with the FC objectives. I am still waiting for an invite to the FC because people either do not know that they can invite members or they are not allowed. It kind of sucks

Congratulations to LadyAdrienne, Vorn, King Ragnar & Randal Arin on being chosen Members of the Month for August for their primary divisions!

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