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  1. For the person who is new to RP or needs ideas: This is the Discord for Crystal (Balmung, Mateus, Malboro): Good for making character cards and FC cards (VERY useful for character and FC introductions):
  2. Still needs to be worked on: · Joining RoH Free Company (How, When & Who invited) · I want to incorporate my previous RP story arcs-it is a part of me & will continue to be · Give others the opportunity to write me into their stories or meet me for the first time during an event · Once complete, find a niche I fit into for the RP … o Lead a band of misfit pirates within the trading company o Contract out to other organizations, individuals, free companies, guilds o Recover stolen property, people, artifacts, maps etc o Treasure hunter o Merchant o Adventurer This is the rest of my Character Analysis I still have to work on.... @Visucius @Zhaydin @Hygelak @Daliluin
  3. Here's a little tease... sultry music begins to play as a shadow passes under the moonlight, the silhouette of a female miqo'te figure is all you can see in the moonlight, the smell of roasted meats and vegetables wafting in the air as they sit on plates at the table and the intoxicating, delicate fruity aroma of a rare wine in long stemmed glasses... A graceful melodic voice begins.... Good evening friends and guests, please enjoy the food and wine as our storyteller enraptures you in a tale! The music changes to a soft ballad as the miqo'te steps out of the shadows... Smiling at her audience...she begins I am Serenitee Nekira (Neck-Keer-Ah). My family and I came to Gridania after the Sharlayan exodus from Dravania. My mother and father were both scholars and shared their love of knowledge and learning with me and my older brother Nekir'a Yuzukikyu. I was allowed to roam the wilds of the Black Shroud with a bow in hand and a song in my heart. We lost our parents due to the Calamity and events following and then it was just the two of us. While running in the wilds of the Black Shroud, I met Pawah Mujuuk who had been observing me as I wandered, trying to find my way in all of this. I joined the Coeuralclaw, a matriarchal clan led by Pawah Mujuuk, when Kyu left Gridania to pursue other things in Limsa Lominsa. Kyu did not care for my choice of companionship and would still come visit me when he could. He would tell me the stories of his adventures and bring me treasures which would spark the fire of curiosity, desire for knowledge, and the intrigue that comes with adventure. At the age of ??, when Pawah felt I was ready, I left the Coeurlclaw to begin my own adventure. The first thing I did was take my skill with the bow right to the Archer's Guild in Gridania to petition Luciane for membership. As my skill with the bow increased and got better over time, I was offered the opportunity to take the soul of the Bard. Belonging to the Coeurlclaw carries some credibility among the pirates and other thrill seekers located in Limsa Lominsa but my brother's reputation would be what got me everywhere I wanted to go and the ability to do whatever I wanted to do... I am an adventurer, a treasure hunter, a bounty hunter, a seeker, a secret keeper and contractor. I have been involved in many missions of a private contractual nature with other free companies. I have traveled all over Eorzea and have witnessed many things and observed many people. I have been sworn to secrecy by some of my contacts and cannot even acknowledge certain people within other free companies. It has been my quick wit and ease of persuasion that has gotten me out of some pretty tense situations. I am motivated by the pursuit of adventure, knowledge and an effort to make things better around me. I want a life full of adventure with the one I love and my friends. I cannot resist the temptation to pleasure you with good food, good drink, and song.
  4. Well, with the Cross-realm play... There is no reason we cannot be a cross-realm trading company.... we can advertise that we have ports of call in Malboro & Mateus so no one has to move. I am not the leader or in charge...still, I do not see why we cannot attempt the cross-realm FC
  5. First off, I want to apologize for starting this thread, gathering interest in rebuilding and then dropping the ball. @Daliluin @Hygelak @Zhaydin I am very interested in helping to grow the Malboro FC.
  6. I do not have much as of yet just a basic character info because I have a lot of ideas for my character but I have not settled quite yet Basic Info: S'erenitee Nekira Miqo'te Bard Friendly, curious, outgoing Loves Adventure, exploring, weaving a story, singing of songs, writer of poems, loves to eat and spend time with friends Has a long story of her own.... More to come
  7. I was wondering if those of you who play FFXIV would be interested in trying to re-build and re-establish an FFXIV division? Would you prefer to have just an organized casual group where we all get together from each realm and do in-game things together? What are your thoughts? What realm do you play on? I will go first: I am fine with either rebuilding and re-establishing as FFXIV as either a division or an organized casual group of players getting together to do in-game content together. I am a member of the RoH FC on Malboro I am willing to do whatever it takes.
  8. I am sorry Anan that you came into FFXIV at an odd time. At one point in time, we had a very good group of people that were very active and ran many activities and we were even petitioning the EC to become an actual Division. That was before people had real life issues, left the community, quit playing FFXIV when the new xpac came out for WoW AND there were free server moves. I have not played very much due to being 45-50 in queue to get into the Malboro server. Even if you stay on Mateus, you can still cross-realm to Malboro, Mateus or Balmung to enjoy RoH activities. I do not know if we have anyone who is considering or even thinking about organizing the RoH FFXIV players into a collective group and doing activities, having cross-realm events and all. I know that I have been considering it VERY much and that we need to get organized and have different activities we do together as a group. I am one of those people who do not like to PUG a group, too many bad experiences, and would rather run with a group from RoH.
  9. We have a Remnants of Hope FC in Malboro. Our tag is << HOPE>> but there is another FC that is <HOPE>.
  10. Happy Birthday @Ezoura!!!


    Happy Birthday @Ronin