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  1. Hey Happy Birthday !

  2. Happy Birthday friend !

    1. Annamika


      Thanks so much! ❤️


  3. Happy Birthday !!! Have a good one !!!

    1. Shant


      Thanks Michael!

      Haven't been on much, but i appreciate you taking your time to give me your best wishes.

  4. @Ezoura Happy Birthday!!

  5. Played some Odyssey, its pretty cool. Yeah it can get lonely. Walking around the ports and stuff is fun.
  6. This is really putting life into this game. Playing the Alpha. When Odyssey launches and if we already have a squadron, please invite me!
  7. Happy Birthday! 


    Have a good day :)

  8. Happy Birthday boss!

  9. Okay will add you ! bnet tag might be easier
  10. I am on Bloodborn Sails or something. its a RP server but it was the only one that wasnt maxed out! Ill leave my battlenet tag
  11. going into the time machine back to when World of Warcraft launched. I promised myself I wouldn't cry...

  12. Happy Birthday Stargirl ! 

  13. I think this just dropped. If anyone wants to do the cataclysm event send a pm
  14. Thanks @T'riss I am to shy for karaoke right off the bat, and cards against humanity is not something I do. A event is a good idea though
  15. Never thought I would be playing World of Warcraft again and enjoying it so much!


  16. Back into Wow- taking a ESO break. Wish I could play with guild but the server has like no starting population so I am on a new player server. I could join everyone in discord though


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