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  1. So back in November a small YouTube team, now called Stuidoloot, made a community for those that are excited for New World. Their channel has podcasts, videos about lore, all game mechanics ect. I love this team. Every week multiple videos and a New World to Go Podcast. Check them out ! They just hit 1000 subs. If you need a direct let me know...should be able to find it. -Ex
  2. They reworked the entire quest system. They also added Expeditions, which @Scoobs was talking about. They are 5 man dungeons, although it can be done with 3. There will be 7 expeditions at the start. More PVE is the corrupted breaches, main quest lines. 2 end game zones were added as well.
  3. I'm down for whatever Scoobs. Pumped for this game I dont jive with Mauraders very much though Syndicate seem most popular. Been following this game pretty hardcore
  4. Played some Odyssey, its pretty cool. Yeah it can get lonely. Walking around the ports and stuff is fun.
  5. This is really putting life into this game. Playing the Alpha. When Odyssey launches and if we already have a squadron, please invite me!
  6. We have a release date! August 31. Plus they are adding way more pve content. Please read the updates! This is shaping up to be a mmo
  7. If you want to try and get in the alpha tests going forward, remember to sign up again. It will be under a NDA.
  8. Happy Birthday! 


    Have a good day :)

  9. Happy Birthday boss!

  10. Okay will add you ! bnet tag might be easier
  11. I am on Bloodborn Sails or something. its a RP server but it was the only one that wasnt maxed out! Ill leave my battlenet tag
  12. going into the time machine back to when World of Warcraft launched. I promised myself I wouldn't cry...

  13. Happy Birthday Stargirl ! 

  14. I think this just dropped. If anyone wants to do the cataclysm event send a pm
  15. Thanks @T'riss I am to shy for karaoke right off the bat, and cards against humanity is not something I do. A event is a good idea though