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  1. Because we are all brand spanking new, we did not really specify limitations at the start. However, coincidentally, everyone pretty much created relatively base characters.
  2. I have never actually played DnD, any edition. I have recently started playing pathfinder, and it is... overwhelming, to say the least lol.
  3. until

    I have plans tomorrow night already, so unfortunately i am out. RaVem
  4. Just picked up the Humble Bundle. There is a lot of information lol.
  5. I have never played before, but I have been listening to the Adventure Zone, and would be lying if it didn't pique my interest in playing some actual D&D. I would totally be interested in perhaps playing something online with guildies. @Maeric speaking about finding the right group...
  6. Let's start looks in March.
  7. Tagging the Moose Knuckles @RaVem @ViVshotfirst @Jaqques @Elisel @Siscia @Tyrlo @Vil @Passiflora @Jinn Galia
  8. I am available Jinn
  9. Kynn

    Happy late birthday @RaVem ! Hope you had a great one and not anywhere that is -60° lol!

    1. RaVem


      Thanks @Kynn We're positively toasty here at -31 lol.

    2. Kynn
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    Hope you've had a great one, @RaVem!

  11. Neo

    happy birthday GIF by Hallmark eCards

    Happy Birthday, @RaVem!

  12. Happy (awkward) birthday!!! :D 

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Congratulations to Madhatter5510, KalianVan & Felipe on being chosen Members of the Month for April for their primary divisions!

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