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  1. Hey!  I hope you guys are getting settled into your new place and everything has gone smoothly.  Just wanted to post and say I hope soon(ish) see you in ESO. Got so excited when I read you and @Jinn Galia were going to give it a try. 

    1. RaVem


      @Elisel I have secretly played a couple of times thus far.  I have a level 7 necromancer right now.  😛 

    2. Elisel


      Awesome!!!  Hope you are enjoying it - thee is so much to do and it's so open and fun!


  3. RaVem

    sPvP Training with Remixex

    Join @Remixex for some early-ish pvp training The focus will be on teaching the basics for the new people that show up also answering absolutely any question that you have! Being it advanced or basic, that he may be able to answer after the ridiculous amount of hours he's put into ranked and unranked pvp! It will mainly be learning through matches instead of a class of any sort so we will be defeating our enemies and learning at the same time! We invite anyone that would like to learn pvp to join, and encourage you to tell your friends that might not be in the pvp tag list We encourage you to check his guide for the basics as well: See you in the mists
  4. RaVem

    Cry Havoc!

    And let slip... The DOGS of ROH!!!! Come join the PvP Department at 8:00 PM Eastern for our weekly WvW Havoc runs. Never been in WvW? Don't worry, we got you! We don't ask that you know anything coming in. We just ask that you have fun. Don't have a WvW build? Don't worry, we got you! We don't force anyone to play specific builds. Come as you are, and have some fun. We'll even bring the food! Don't have a fancy WvW Warclaw yet? Don't worry, we got you! We will work on those achievements that our members need while running around and having fun. What do you need to bring? A good attitude, a want for fun, and the understanding that death in WvW means very little for us but a lot for the enemy. So please, come out to join us! If you have any questions, I am all ears. RaVem and slightly edited by your new officer Rem What's havoc work? Basically cause distress to the other worlds! Take camps and maybe towers, kill loners, and try to be as efficient as possible while having fun. There is a list of available meta builds in metabattle for WvW, and I also recommend you join the TC discord, but we will mainly be using ours. See you in the mists Any questions, of any kind, please message me in either Discord, Forums or in game @Remixex
  5. Because we are all brand spanking new, we did not really specify limitations at the start. However, coincidentally, everyone pretty much created relatively base characters.
  6. I have never actually played DnD, any edition. I have recently started playing pathfinder, and it is... overwhelming, to say the least lol.
  7. until

    I have plans tomorrow night already, so unfortunately i am out. RaVem
  8. Just picked up the Humble Bundle. There is a lot of information lol.
  9. I have never played before, but I have been listening to the Adventure Zone, and would be lying if it didn't pique my interest in playing some actual D&D. I would totally be interested in perhaps playing something online with guildies. @Maeric speaking about finding the right group...
  10. Let's start looks in March.
  11. Tagging the Moose Knuckles @RaVem @ViVshotfirst @Jaqques @Elisel @Siscia @Tyrlo @Vil @Passiflora @Jinn Galia
  12. I am available Jinn
  13. Kynn

    Happy late birthday @RaVem ! Hope you had a great one and not anywhere that is -60° lol!

    1. RaVem


      Thanks @Kynn We're positively toasty here at -31 lol.

    2. Kynn
  14. tenor.gif?itemid=7382162


    Hope you've had a great one, @RaVem!