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  1. @Jinn Galia @ViVshotfirst Apparently, they used to do an after raid rundown, including vote for raid MVP, funniest moments, etc. MVP could be most improved etc.There were rules to prevent the same person from being voted MVP twice in a row. This could be fun. Thoughts?
  2. I do think that @Jinn Galia has secured at least one folks to fill in, as the intention is to still raid tonight.
  3. until

    Of course Siscia. You take care.
  4. @ViVshotfirst, if only you hadn't already renamed your merc, you could'a been Joey Fettone. We could have started a space boy band: Joey Fettone Justin Timberlekku @Jinn Galia @Tyrlo @Vil? What say you? lol
  5. until

    I am in. Also, since @Siscia is on emergency LOA, I would not assume that she or @Jaqques are in unless we hear otherwise from them.
  6. RaVem

    2018 High Elder Election Town Hall Q&A

    The Question and Answer Period of the 2018 ROH High Elder Election will culminate in a Live Town Hall Q&A Session! Official 2018 ROH High Elder Election Q&A This will be a chance for you to ask questions live to the candidates and get a real-time response. Note: All questions will be filtered through the Elder Council prior to being asked to ensure questions are fair and unbiased.  Trial Members, Former Members, and Affiliates are ineligible to participate in Q&A process, but are encouraged to attend. If your trial finishes and you're accepted as a member while the Q&A or election are still running, you are free to ask and/or vote at that point.
  7. Behold, Biggie Fetts, the Mountie
  8. until

    Merliah, Something has come up, and I may be unable to attend tonight. Sorry. But if I do come, I can tank. RaVem
  9. until

    The deepest of deeps if possible
  10. until

    I would very much like to Deeps please
  11. until

    I have an EC meeting tonight. So I will respectfully bow out unless you need a DPS. RaVem
  12. until

    DPS yo!!!
  13. until

    Another meeting tonight. I hate not being in TS with you guys during these. So I am a maybe. If you can fill with someone else, by all means. I can fill a slot if you need a DPS though.
  14. until

    I read the text in current tense, and not future tense. So, when I read tonight, I think literally, tonight lol. Not tonight as in the the night of the planned event lol. My bad.

Congratulations to Marjevante & Cadensce on being chosen Members of the Month for December for their primary divisions!

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