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  1. until

    dps pew pew
  2. until

    le deeps (>tank>heals if needed)
  3. until

    I'ma pewpewpew all over Sparky
  4. until

    pewpewpew (DPS - either) > heal/tank
  5. until

  6. until

    I can bring anything needed, although I will say my deeps is greater than my tank... I have a options for DPS and healers, but can only tank once, if that is what you want me to do.
  7. RaVem

    Friday Night SMOPS


    I will DPS
  8. until

  9. until

    @Merliah, if needed, I can move to rDPS if needed
  10. until

    Any role Except for tank or heals
  11. until

    any role
  12. until

    Are we doing 16 man vmops now? I wish it started just a tad later. Good luck RaVem
  13. until

    le deeps please. Melee or ranged is fine.
  14. I hope whoever is healing with me is ready to carry lol
  15. DPS > Heals > Tank edit: It looks like we may be light on tankage. I dont mind tanking. Its just been a long time since I have done it lol.