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  1. RaVem

    [PVE-PUB] Friday Night SMOPS

    i'll dps
  2. until

    let me know if you are going 16 and i can dps
  3. until

    Dps or heals of needed
  4. RaVem

    [PUB-PVE] Friday Night SMOPS


    Dps of any flavour please
  5. until

    I would like to rDPS if you still need someone @Merliah
  6. until

    I would like to bring mdps, but can bring ranged if we absolutely need it. Thanks! RaVem
  7. until

    le deeps please
  8. until

    I'll dps the last spot
  9. until

    @Aedi Lanigiro if you need a replacement, ping me in discord. I can bring a sharpshooter Gunslinger. I am not great with it though, so heads up lol
  10. until

    Sorry @Merliah, can you put me as backup? I may not be able to come tomorrow anymore. Thanks RaVem
  11. until

    le deeps please. melee or ranged.
  12. until

    any role... i think
  13. until

    I can try any role for this one
  14. until

    DPS (ranged or melee) please
  15. until

    I am supposed get the vaccine on Sunday, so am not sure what shape I will be in on Monday. If I am ok, I would like to pewpewpew or heal/tank if needed. Put me as backup.
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