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  1. until

    I will sign up for DPS. I am hoping to get my assassin levelled up by then lol. Only 57 levels to go .
  2. until

    Dont make promises bro...
  3. until

    mDPS please, but can rDPS if needed
  4. until

    I'll bring some deeps.
  5. until

    Mdps preferred, but can bring rdps if needed.
  6. until

    DPS Let me know if you prefer ranged @Merliah
  7. RaVem

    VMOPs Explosive Conflict


    If you need a backup for DPS, let me know. @Merliah
  8. RaVem

    SM Temple of Sacifice

    DPS please
  9. until

    mdps please
  10. RaVem

    Morning SmOps Dread Palace


    DPS please
  11. until

    I would like to (ranged) DPS. But be forewarned... I suck.
  12. RaVem


    Is there a spreadsheet @Lim? I have not seen this. can you point me in the right direction? Sorry I could not make the training on Sunday. How did it go? In the future, is there anyway someone can record these? Would be useful for those who missed the event. Danke. RaVem
  13. Hey there @RaVem!  Hope you are doing welll!!  Stay safe and healthy and same for your fam.

    1. RaVem


      Hey Eli, the family and I are doing well.  How are you holding up?  I saw you step down and wanted to thank you for everything you have done for this community.  Welcome back to membership.

    2. Elisel


      Hey, I'm doing well and staying safe :)  I'm more fortunate than many and I focus on counting blessings and staying as positive as one can.   If I didn't I would become overwhelmed - it's a crazy time for our world . 
      And yea, I"m looking forward to just being a member for a bit hehe.