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I am 6'1" MAM (married asian male?) and father of two beautiful children who hails from the Great White North. I am not looking for something too serious, but want to see where things take me.

A little about myself: I say 'Eh!' with the best of them, and call it a toque. I like bacon and say 'please' and 'thank you' and 'sorry', but don't like hockey as much as I should. (Keep this last bit on the down low so as to not have my citizenship revoked.) I like beautiful sunsets and long walks on the beach - probably why I am so drawn to Tattooine. I refuse to say I am funny, but will say that those who don't laugh with me have no sense of humour :P. Oh, and I spell certain words with an extra 'u'. If interested, holla back and maybe we can meet up for a quick Heroic or something? No pressure.

Hugs and European Kisses


PS - I started playing MMORPGs more than 15 years ago with a game called Everquest, and fell in love with the genre. I have spent much of my time since then searching for some of the same feeling of entering the world of Norrath for the first time. In my travels, I spent some time in Paragon City, fighting crime before travelling through Middle Earth to help someone with their jewelry. After that, things were a blur for me as it was a long time ago and seemed so far, far away before I ended up landing in Tyria. Having navigated my way through some portals out of there, I found my way to a small town called Kingsmouth, fighting what appeared to be the walking dead. They refused to stay down, so I left and now find myself back in this galaxy, fighting an Eternal Empire, with you good folks.

Hopefully, we will be a perfect match...