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    Collecting firearms and weapons of all types, playing bass and electric guitar, bow hunting, and anything that takes me where the blacktop ends.

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    Vengeful Algorythym, Sephiroths Wrath, Pyrodextrous, Followed by Silence, Suns Last Light, Icirce the Cryptic, Rashille Kahn, Kasmira Farshot, Lourde of Thyme, Astrasaemis, Crimson Sensimilla
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  1. happy birthday!!!

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      Thank you so much!

  2. Happy Birthday my old friend! I hope it was a great one!

  3. Have a wonderful Happy Birthday, Raeb!  Hope your day is AWESOME!!


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  4. Wishing  everyone a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!!

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      You too SIREN!!!!!!!!!!!XD

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      the turkey would beg to differ

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  5. Have a super Happy Birthday,  Veron!  I hope your day is filled with fun, friends and happiness!!

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  6. Happy Birthday, young man!  I hope your day is every bit as special as you are!

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  7. Shant!! Please forgive me for being late in wishing you a very Happy Birthday!!  I hope your day was filled with fun, friends and awesomeness!!

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    1. Shant


      You're always forgiven, and you're a true friend Siren. Thank you for remembering me even though it was a bit late. I fully accept the meaning of this message. Don't feel bad, feel awesome! :) 

  8.                                                                       In Loving Memory

                                                                     SSGT. Bill James Kurtz

                                                              United States Army Air Corps

                                                                  May 8, 1922 - Feb. 8, 2018


                                                            A legend among the Ages now,

                                                                     forever in our hearts.


  9. Have a super Happy Birthday, Tayte! I hope your day is as special and sweet as you!




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      Thank you so much!