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  1. until

    I can lend a hand with some ranged DPS for that if you still any bodies.
  2. AidenRhen

    Friday Night SMOPS


    Commando DPS please
  3. AidenRhen

    SMOPS Explosive Conflict


    Commando DPS
  4. AidenRhen

    VMOPs Explosive Conflict


    I can help out with commando DPS.
  5. AidenRhen

    VMOPs Karagga's Palace


    Commando RDPS
  6. AidenRhen

    VMOPs Eternity Vault

    Commando DPS
  7. until

    Swanky bell hats are all the rage!
  8. until

    Hey @Merliah. Still need this on the Imp side.....
  9. AidenRhen

    VMOPs Storymode Dxun


    Need one of these on the Imperial Side
  10. until

    Sine me up. Need to do this on my DPS Sorcerer. Already at 306 on her.
  11. until

    Happy Holidays all!
  12. until

    Rl comes first. I hope your kitty will be Ok. We'll just playthings by ear and what happens tomorrow night happens. No worries.
  13. until

    I might be able to get the BH there but I have been focusing the story progression on my two main toons which are my Guardian (Pub) and Sorcerer (Imp). Can I bring the Sorcerer for DPS for now. She's 75 and has 268/270 gear.
  14. until

    That was hilarious. Great clip!
  15. until

    Sorry folks. Kids in town so it's a family night.