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  1. until

    Sorry. Family plans so I missed.
  2. until

    Are we running this weekend? I'll finally be around!
  3. until

    I will be at a company retreat this weekend and will be out of town. Sorry.
  4. until

    Just got back from our Mexico cruise late last night so I wasn't available.
  5. Are we running tonight? I don't see any calendar runs for May on the calendar as of yet.
  6. I'm fine with the current time. I can make most Saturdays. It's just that family or other things happen from time to time. That will happen regardless of the day of week. For me I would say Thursday or Saturday would be the best days.
  7. until

    Sorry. Was family night. Went to see Avengers Endgame with the kids. What a movie!
  8. until

    I'll be there
  9. until

    I'll be there
  10. until

    Put me down as a backup. I'll help support with DPS until you get the team built out.
  11. until

    I'll be there. Just RSVP'd
  12. AidenRhen

    |SWTOR| Story Mode Ops


    Would help to actually know what the Op is.
  13. until

    Would be beneficial to know what it actually is?
  14. until

    Yo homes! We should do the new Ossus boss on SM just to cut our teeth on it and get some crystals before we kick Revan.

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