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    Hey @Merliah. Still need this on the Imp side.....
  2. AidenRhen

    VMOPs Storymode Dxun


    Need one of these on the Imperial Side
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    Sine me up. Need to do this on my DPS Sorcerer. Already at 306 on her.
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    Happy Holidays all!
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    Rl comes first. I hope your kitty will be Ok. We'll just playthings by ear and what happens tomorrow night happens. No worries.
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    I might be able to get the BH there but I have been focusing the story progression on my two main toons which are my Guardian (Pub) and Sorcerer (Imp). Can I bring the Sorcerer for DPS for now. She's 75 and has 268/270 gear.
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    That was hilarious. Great clip!
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    Sorry folks. Kids in town so it's a family night.
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    Not sure if we shouldn't take this week off since the new XPac will be out and a lot us will be busy with it and determining the new gearing.
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    Can't make it this weekend. The kids and I are going to a concert in San Antonio that night.
  11. I think most of the Scions are taking the weekend off. I am. It's nice to take a break from progression raining from time to time.
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    Sorry. Family plans so I missed.
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    Are we running this weekend? I'll finally be around!
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    I will be at a company retreat this weekend and will be out of town. Sorry.
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    Just got back from our Mexico cruise late last night so I wasn't available.
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    Sorry. Was family night. Went to see Avengers Endgame with the kids. What a movie!
  17. until

    Put me down as a backup. I'll help support with DPS until you get the team built out.
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    I'll be there. Just RSVP'd
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    Would be beneficial to know what it actually is?
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    Yo homes! We should do the new Ossus boss on SM just to cut our teeth on it and get some crystals before we kick Revan.
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    Sorry folks. I have to bail tonight. I had something come up. I apologize.