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  1. I just bought Ready Player Two, also. I'm going to do the same thing over winter break.
  2. @K'lon I had so much fun that night. I am so busy with work I haven't been on much. Hopefully that will change.
  3. My game will arrive on Wednesday! My son kidnapped the switch and took it to his room. I will have to put it back in the living room and give you all the friend code soon.
  4. Soooo. What is the first book we are reading. I heard of the really great series called "The Magicians" (winks at Klon)
  5. At first glance I read book club read aloud. I was like hey that's cool my first graders love it when I read to them. Maybe adults do too. Now I realize that is probably not what you meant.
  6. - Nyyxx - Bloodsail Buccaneers - Nyyxx, Nyyxxnoir, Magiska -Grobbulus Nyyxx, Nyyxxie
  7. I never played horde in retail. So in classic that is what I am doing. I am enjoying learning the lore on the horde side and I have no clue where anything is....... So if you see a troll named NYYXX looking lost,,, I am.
  8. I have three Horde on Bloodsail. we play in a guild with our RL friends. Guild is Trusted Nightmare look for NYYXX.
  9. OMG! I am back to work after a must needed summer break. I am at a new school and district this year. I am busy getting ready for my kiddos to come to school on the 19th. I can't answer messages or post until I get home at night. 1834989640_FB_IMG_1543197112026(002).thumb.jpg.2c521b061d7a449d8691779e008cbc81.jpg

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