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  1. - Nyyxx - Bloodsail Buccaneers - Nyyxx, Nyyxxnoir, Magiska -Grobbulus Nyyxx, Nyyxxie
  2. I never played horde in retail. So in classic that is what I am doing. I am enjoying learning the lore on the horde side and I have no clue where anything is....... So if you see a troll named NYYXX looking lost,,, I am.
  3. I have three Horde on Bloodsail. we play in a guild with our RL friends. Guild is Trusted Nightmare look for NYYXX.
  4. Happy Bday !

    1. Nyyxx


      Thank you! 

  5. happy   birthday @Nyyxx

    1. Nyyxx


      Thank you!😊

  6. Happy Birthday!! 🎉

    1. Nyyxx


      Thank you.

  7. OMG! I am back to work after a must needed summer break. I am at a new school and district this year. I am busy getting ready for my kiddos to come to school on the 19th. I can't answer messages or post until I get home at night. 1834989640_FB_IMG_1543197112026(002).thumb.jpg.2c521b061d7a449d8691779e008cbc81.jpg

  8. Have a wonderful Happy Birthday, Nyyxx! I miss you!

    1. Nyyxx


      Thank you, even though I am late in responding.

  9. Summer break is on! See you in game!

    1. Toadwick


      Welcome back!!! Are you attuned for raids? We're launching our first raid tomorrow. Sign up on the calendar or get with me in game and let's talk about what we can do to help.

    2. SirenRae


      Nyyxx!! How are you? I've missed you!  :)

    3. Nyyxx



      I'm still in the 20s. I'm working on leveling up and I'm not sure how to get attuned. I'll find you in game.



      Missed you too. I love my job, but the last month of school is exhausting. See you in the forums.


      Valar Morghulis