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  1. until

    I'm available to tank!
  2. until

    I can either tank or heal!
  3. until

    If I'm allowed, I'd like to tank! I don't have a second character that is at VMOPS level. Thanks!
  4. until

    Tanky tanky!
  5. until

    Tank please!
  6. until

    Jugg Tank, or I can heal. Whether I'll be a good healer remains to be seen! LOL.
  7. until

    Good! Because I got my costume together lol. Expecting big things @RaVem, @Elisel and @Merliah!
  8. until

    Ok let's do it! Let's make it happen! Hear that @Elisel and @RaVem?
  9. until

    Just kidding! I don't think I have the credits to buy my hat and shirt again and I'm using a different character haha, WOMP WOMP!!!!
  10. until

    If @RaVem signs up, perhaps we should bring the old band back together? In full costume perhaps? @Merliah, get in on this!
  11. until

    I can Jugg Tank!
  12. until

    Hey! I can bring a tank or mDPS, but would prefer to tank please! Thanks!
  13. Happy Birthday @Jinn Galia - Hope it is awesome!!

    1. Jinn Galia

      Jinn Galia


      Thanks very much Eli!