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  3. Tagging the Moose Knuckles @RaVem @ViVshotfirst @Jaqques @Elisel @Siscia @Tyrlo @Vil @Passiflora @Jinn Galia@Merliah Hey all, I think we may need to reschedule. @Siscia @Jaqques @Vil are unavailable, and @Elisel is still a maybe. Looks like only 3 of us and a 4th available at 915. Let's look at another date and see if we can get more available. Do we want to choose an available Monday in March? Thanks all! Jinn
  4. Tagging the Moose Knuckles @RaVem @ViVshotfirst @Jaqques @Elisel @Siscia @Tyrlo @Vil @Passiflora @Jinn Galia@Merliah Hey all, Just seeing if we will have enough for this run on Thursday. Let us know if you are available by Tuesday night if possible. We'll make the call then to either run, or reschedule. Thanks!
  5. Hey guys, Sorry for the long hiatus for the Moose Knuckle! Lemme know if you guys are all available to run on the 21st and we can set it up! Thanks!
  6. Perfect! We have a full team tonight! Tank: @RaVem Tank: @Jaqques Healer: @Elisel Healer: @Siscia DPS: @Jinn Galia DPS: @Tyrlo DPS: @Vil DPS: @Merliah So you at 9pm EST! Thanks!
  7. Hey @Merliah, I think we will need 1 DPS for sure if you are still free tomorrow. @Jaqques, you down for tomorrow? @Siscia, not sure if Jaqques checks his messages but can you let us know if he is down too? Thanks guys and looking forward to tomorrow!
  8. hahah oh shoot! A whole store eh? That's where we get our Mountie costumes
  9. Hey all, Last run was great, and it was awesome to see us beat EC on our first/second try lol. This week, let's try out TFB and see how we fare! Tank: @RaVem Tank: @Jaqques Healer: @Elisel Healer: @Siscia DPS: @Jinn Galia DPS: @Tyrlo DPS: @Vil DPS: @Merliah @Merliah and @wonkozsane, are you able to be a backup in the event we need fills? Thanks guys and looking forward to it! (Please RSVP if you can or cannot attend.) Jinn
  10. Thanks guys once again for coming last night and for flexing your passive aggressive joking muscles with us fellow Canadians! Hope you had a good time and I'll post the next run soon! Have a good weekend!
  11. Hi all, So the lineup for tomorrow will be as follows. Tank: @RaVem Tank: @Jaqques Healer: @Elisel Healer: @Siscia DPS: @Jinn Galia DPS: @Tyrlo DPS: @Merliah DPS: @wonkozsane Backup: @Sawatar Thanks guys and see you tomorrow, in full mountie uniform!
  12. @Merliah @wonkozsane @Sawatar thanks very much for replying about filling! At this point, we're just waiting for @Vil to let us know if he's available, and then we will fill spots then. Thanks guys! Bust out the Mountie Uniform take 2!