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  1. Perfect! We have a full team tonight! Tank: @RaVem Tank: @Jaqques Healer: @Elisel Healer: @Siscia DPS: @Jinn Galia DPS: @Tyrlo DPS: @Vil DPS: @Merliah So you at 9pm EST! Thanks!
  2. Hey @Merliah, I think we will need 1 DPS for sure if you are still free tomorrow. @Jaqques, you down for tomorrow? @Siscia, not sure if Jaqques checks his messages but can you let us know if he is down too? Thanks guys and looking forward to tomorrow!
  3. hahah oh shoot! A whole store eh? That's where we get our Mountie costumes
  4. Hey all, Last run was great, and it was awesome to see us beat EC on our first/second try lol. This week, let's try out TFB and see how we fare! Tank: @RaVem Tank: @Jaqques Healer: @Elisel Healer: @Siscia DPS: @Jinn Galia DPS: @Tyrlo DPS: @Vil DPS: @Merliah @Merliah and @wonkozsane, are you able to be a backup in the event we need fills? Thanks guys and looking forward to it! (Please RSVP if you can or cannot attend.) Jinn
  5. Thanks guys once again for coming last night and for flexing your passive aggressive joking muscles with us fellow Canadians! Hope you had a good time and I'll post the next run soon! Have a good weekend!
  6. Hi all, So the lineup for tomorrow will be as follows. Tank: @RaVem Tank: @Jaqques Healer: @Elisel Healer: @Siscia DPS: @Jinn Galia DPS: @Tyrlo DPS: @Merliah DPS: @wonkozsane Backup: @Sawatar Thanks guys and see you tomorrow, in full mountie uniform!
  7. @Merliah @wonkozsane @Sawatar thanks very much for replying about filling! At this point, we're just waiting for @Vil to let us know if he's available, and then we will fill spots then. Thanks guys! Bust out the Mountie Uniform take 2!
  8. Hey all, I heard last Monday's run was great, so I'm looking forward to recreating that! Thanks to those who filled in! This week, @RaVem is back, so we should have the majority of the team. Let's try out EC again and then do KP or EV afterwards, depending on time. Tank: @RaVem Tank: @Jaqques Healer: @Elisel Healer: @Siscia DPS: @Jinn Galia DPS: @Tyrlo DPS: @Merliah DPS: @wonkozsane @Sawatar as Backup Thanks guys and I'm looking forward to busting out my Mountie Uniform! See ya then! Jinn
  9. thank you!
  10. Hey all, I'm really sorry to do this to you, but something urgent at work just came up, and I may have to head to the hospital. I'm covering the on call for someone who is seriously ill. I was really looking forward to this run tonight as we've been waiting for a few weeks for it! @Aedi Lanigiro, can you possibly fill in for me? Sorry once again guys, I promise that the next one will be better . Good luck on the run! Jinn
  11. Thanks everyone! So with all the people able to join, we will for sure be able to run! Tank: @Merliah Tank: @Jaqques Healer: @Elisel Healer: @Siscia DPS: @Jinn Galia DPS: @Katalaw DPS: @Vil DPS: @Tyrlo Backups: @Aedi Lanigiro, @Vorn Thanks very much guys!
  12. @Tyrlo and @Vil, are you available tonight? @ViVshotfirst is not available so we are going to have to find another fill providing that you 2 are still available for tonight! @Merliah, any suggestions on who may be available? Maybe @Katalaw or @Passiflora?
  13. Thx for filling and for the tips! 9pm est. Sorry!
  14. Hey all! Sorry for the very late post for this run tomorrow night! I hope you guys are still available! We have a couple of options for tomorrow's run. In may also depend on how many we can get to come out. We can run EV and KP again since it was awhile and reps are always good, or we can try for EC. Reply here so we can decide. Here is the lineup for the Monday, November 5 run at 9pm est. Tank: Tank: @Jaqques Healer: @Elisel Healer: @Siscia DPS: @Jinn Galia DPS: @ViVshotfirst DPS: @Vil DPS: @Tyrlo @wonkozsane or @Merliah, do one of you play a tank and happen to be free to fill in? If you are unable to make it, please post on here so we can try and get a fill in. Looking forward to meeting up! MOOSE KNUCKLE UNLOAD!!! Jinn
  15. until

    @RaVem @Jaqques @Tyrlo @Elisel @Siscia @ViVshotfirst @Vil @wonkozsane Hey all, With Ravem leaving for vacation for a couple of weeks, and with both Siscia and Jaqques tending to more important matters right now, I think we should just go on a short hiatus until November 5th. It seems like trying to get 3 or 4 fill ins is a bit difficult, and the reason we started this was to hang out with eachother, so choosing just anyone is sorta against the purpose. Let's hold off till November 5th for now, and then we'll assess at that time. Thanks guys and sorry if this inconveniences anyone! Jinn

Congratulations to Angst, DreamingofRoses, Mevraz & orbitoclast on being chosen Members of the Month for January for their primary divisions!

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