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  • Birthday 08/22/2003

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    Virginia in USA
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    I like reading and messaging with my friends. I like movies and talking to people. I can be kind of shy but I talk a lot sometimes. I like to help people when i can and i like to heal people in games.

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    Becca Starflurry
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    Becca Starflurry

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  1. Happy Birthday @Stargirl - how are you doing??!!

  2. Hey @Stargirl - I hope you are doing well and had a great birthday!!!

  3. Stitch Hie GIF


    Happy Birthday @Stargirl hope you doing well and all, I am glad to see your still here in RoH.  Take care of yourself 😛

  4. hi im still alive I'm a junior now and way busy. I have started looking at colleges with my parents and also I got a new kitten this summer. I'm driving now too. So yeah. I wanted to check in. I still miss everyone, but especially people like Zang. It still kills me he's gone. Miss you all too. 😍

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    2. Aedi Lanigiro

      Aedi Lanigiro

      Good to hear from you Stargirl!!! Enjoy Junior Year!

    3. Elisel


      Awesome to hear from you @Stargirl - you have been missed!!  Enjoy junior year; it's a wonderful time of life :)

    4. StarfoxWolf


      Long time no see Star! good to know you're doing fine and I hope you're well! :)

  5. Happy Belated Birthday!! :) 

  6. Hi! Miss you! Have a good one. :D

  7. happy birthday hugs

  8. Happy birthday @Stargirl. Miss yah. ;)

  9. Happy Birthday Stargirl ! 

  10. Happy birthday my friend I hope u have an amazing day!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Happy Birthday @Stargirl


    Hope all is well with you and that your birthday is as amazing as you!

  12. Hiya lil Star!  :D I know its early, but Happy Birthday!!  


    Hope to see you someday return to us, and all.  Because we miss you. :(  And so do I...


  13. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays 🎉 We are all looking forward to your return!!

  14. Just wanted to say hi. Miss seeing you on the forums. ;)

  15. Ps I’m probably going to be kicked bc I’m sure I’m starting drama and I’m on probation until I’m 18 so whatever if so I love you all bye I’m leaving for a while anyway I’m so upset right now. 

    1. Bears (Darius)

      Bears (Darius)

      OMG no :( miss u, Becca, we will miss u 

    2. Lupe


      yes , Becca we totally missed u, i bet its not only us 2 that have missed u, i bet there might be more, Ps. please dont be upset, and i think u r just beign cautious by saying that i dont think its drama tho , and yes later becca

    3. joshhamm


      Oh i'm sorry to hear this,. Hope everything gets better soon for you :( we will be here when you get back.

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