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    I like reading and messaging with my friends. I like movies and talking to people. I can be kind of shy but I talk a lot sometimes. I like to help people when i can and i like to heal people in games.

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  1. I hate my school so much I have lunch detention tomorrow and Monday bc ok I was telling my friend about the wedding I went too last night in FFxiv and this guy behind us named Brian was all “omg you are such a dork no wonder nobody likes you. You go to weddings for lesbian cats on some Japanese game you weeb” even though I have tons of friends so I turned around and told him “I saw more p@#$& last night then you’ll ever see in your life you troglodyte” and I got in trouble for it. Ugh. So much for sticking up for myself. 

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    2. Stargirl


      yeah i did it was so extra and hilarious and i got 2 minions out of it!

    3. Vikkie


      i loved your response though

    4. Skedarking


      That is an amazing response!  🤣 Sorry to hear you got in trouble for it, but you did great sticking up for yourself. I am never that witty until 8 hours after the moment passes. 

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