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  1. Neo

    Happy Birthday, Eliian!



  2. Happy birthday! Birthday shots soon??

    1. Eliian


      Thanks! For sure. Tequila for California :P

  3. Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  4. Happy birthday!!

  5. Happy Birthday! Enjoy by doing the best thing imaginable. Healing in SWTOR ;)

    1. Aravail


      Haha, thanks El!  They have me DPSing again - the horror!

  6. Image result for happy birthday meme

    1. Eliian


      Thanks Saal. Take care and hope all is well.

  7. Happy Birthday, Eliian!

    Miss playing with you man, hope all is well. Best wishes to you, and to Scya. Hope you have a great day! :) 

    1. Eliian


      Hey! Thanks a lot. Just busy in life. Take care and best of luck in ESO.

  8. I hope you have a wonderful Birthday!!

    1. Stargirl


      Yay happy bday!!

    2. Eliian


      Thanks to both of you! :)

  9. Just realized my post count went down 0.0 I guess that is what happens when so many of them were from 2+ years ago lol.

    1. Aravail


      Gah, mine did too.  By about 600, I remember being excited when I hit 4k the other day.

    2. Scoobs


      Pretty sure this is due to the database cleanup i did a few months back... At the time i simply didnt bother the do a post recount cause i knew post counts meant something to some... Unfortunately recounting/rebuilding was a part of the upgrade and it finally caught on that everyone was lying ^.^

    3. Eliian


      Haha. That is what I figured. I do not care too much about the count I just thought it was funny to see how many of them were really old posts :P

  10. Tons of star wars games are discounted on steam right now. GOG.com has them too which would be my personal drm free prefrence :P

    1. Eliian


      For individual games I think steam has the better deals sadly.

    2. Ben Coran

      Ben Coran

      This is very nice to hear, thank you for sharing this Eliian.

  11. ESO is having a free weekend for those who participated in BETA. I plan to take part myself :)http://www.elderscrollsonline.com/en-us/news/post/2015/04/08/eso-welcomes-beta-players-back

  12. The WoW War Room haha http://youtu.be/xyPzTywUBsQ?t=27m34s

    1. Guest


      Wow, uhm I'm actually gonna watch the whole thing; that bit was interesting I got from that link!