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  1. I gotta say, that new pony logo is tight af

  2. Happy Holidays everyone! Hope you find lots of happiness and great memories over these few days!

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    2. Telana


      Merry Christmas to you and yours, @Sirian Vaat

    3. Elisel


      The same to you @Sirian Vaat!  Thank you for coming back home to RoH and sharing with us your amazing creativity and storytelling!

    4. Sirian Vaat

      Sirian Vaat

      thanks all! to you as well! And thanks so much, Eli! :) 


  3. Just found out that we're having baby #2!!! Woot! The Vaat Legacy grows haha. 

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    2. Sirian Vaat

      Sirian Vaat

      Well, we've got RAE for our 1st daughter (my wife will tell you it's not after Rey, but it totally is haha), so I'm going to push for another character name this time, like ... Ventressa lol "It's not after Star Wars" "Yeh no, not at all, honey"

    3. Sirian Vaat

      Sirian Vaat

      And thanks, gang! I of course am not allowed to tell anyone in our families yet, so it's great having the community here to shout the news out to :D 

    4. Aravail


      Congratulations Sirian, that's awesome news!

  4. SWTOR RP Community. "Tatooine & Piercing" Forum RP has been Completed! Check out the finale here

    1. Kushluk Shimazu

      Kushluk Shimazu

      It was a damn good ride comrade :D


      Cheers mate!~



  5. Forum RP "Tatooine & Piercing" reaching a dramatic finale. Give it a read if you've been following!

  6. Forum RPs "Tatooine & Piercing" and "The Mighty Warbacca" are reaching their final stages. Check them out in the SWTOR Forum Roleplays area!

  7. "The Mighty Warbacca" Continues ... Chieftain Warrful is dead. Mission Failed. With the wookiee homeworld in ruins, and their leader gone, what can the Remnants hope to do now?


  8. Forum RPs are Active & Well on their way! Check out "The Mighty Warbacca" & "Tattooine & Piercing" for a fun read, and look out for the next RP coming soon - "Hunter's Moon"

  9. is anyone else seeing this website upside down? If you are, you probably can't read this heh


    1. Kushluk Shimazu

      Kushluk Shimazu

      Fixed it so I can!`


  10. Attention All! Announcing the launch of another SWTOR Forum RP, "THE MIGHTY WARBACCA a Remnants Story",  one of many to come. If you're curious about Forum RP, or want to follow us along on this story arc, check it out here.


  11. Still room for more in SWTOR Forum RP "Tatooine & Piercing" if interested. Jump in! 



  12. LF more Forum RP Participants!


  13. Sirian Vaat

    The Vaat Legacy

    Friends and Kin of Sirian Vaat, each having a role in Sirian's history. Look for the story of Sirian's past in future posts!