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  1. Happy New Year from Sirian 'n family!!!


    1. Elisel


      Happy New Year's @Sirian Vaat!

    2. Aravail


      Happy New Year!

  2. Thinking about forum RP ...

    1. Sweetbunny


      I love to do another from rp with you as GM your like the best at it ❤️ 

    2. Sirian Vaat

      Sirian Vaat

      aw, thanks! hehe


  3. Happy Birthday! Have a great day :) 

    1. Sirian Vaat

      Sirian Vaat

      thank you very much!


  4. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and all the best in the New Year, gang! ❤️ Sirian & family

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    2. Madhatter


      Merry Christmas

    3. Kushluk Shimazu

      Kushluk Shimazu

      Happy Life day comrade :D

    4. Elisel


      Happy Holidays @Sirian Vaat - I so enjoyed your character and roleplay at the event last night. 

  5. What is going on everybody! Everyone's well and enduring this pandemic, I hope.

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    2. Kushluk Shimazu

      Kushluk Shimazu

      Hey good to see you buddy! Nice to hear the family is doing well, don't be a stranger comrade ❤️

      As for future RP's I am glad you are willing to lead them again, just be careful you don't take on too much bud ;) 

    3. Elisel


      Hey @Sirian Vaat! So good to hear from you :)

    4. Sirian Vaat

      Sirian Vaat

      Great to hear from you all! And Kush you read my mind haha. I was thinking a "short story" thriller RP with 3 participatants playing 3 premade characters - Padawans - on a mission together. I've had it more or less ready for a long time, just never launched it. It'd be a short bit of fun, I think. 


      Ttys gang! Hope you're all doing well!

  6. Hey @QuietlyExisting, The plot of my main book follows the life of Evan, the MC, as he and his fiance struggle to live their daily lives under the rule of the vampire clans in Europe. Love is getting them by, until one day Evan is tragically attacked and killed, leaving his fiance broken and alone. Evan was in fact turned by his attacker, and now finds himself thrust into a new world of vampires in which contact between them and humans is highly restricted, Taken in by a mentor and a small group of clanless misfits, Evan must embrace this new life, and somehow let go of his old one, if he's going to survive the brutality of vampire society. There are several subplots as well, but the overall theme of the story is The importance of family - those you're given and those you've chosen - and what you'd do to protect and keep them. How far would you go? It's been an emotional story to write over the years. What's your high fantasy about? I'm not familiar with LitRPG web dramas. What's that about?
  7. Hi all! I wasn't even aware this group was here! Glad I found it. I'm intrigued to hear about others writers in the guild - @Mithodris I think I'll have to check out your novels. I've been writing for about 20 years now. I started out writing fantasy short stories back when I played AD&D in my early teens. Dabbled with poetry in my junior high years. Took an off-ramp into comedy screenwriting after that for quite a while (skits and plays at a local theatre). My real passion is in writing novels. Although I haven't published any yet, as I've never even attempted to, I've dedicated much of my free time to 3 WIPS that I've slowly been developing over the past decade. I have another dozen To-Do novels on my list as well. For me, writing itself is the joy and my goal is simply to continue to do so. I plan to try publishing sooner than later, as some of my wips are about ready, but I'm in no hurry. I'd like to create an author website that features my works, create some buzz before actually seeking out an agent or querying. If traditional doesn't pan out, I'd simply indie publish. My main wip currently is a dystopian vampire (low) fantasy that I've put most of my time into over the years, striving to create something unique and exciting, but also touching on many different important world issues as well. It's a complex project that I'm in no rush to send out into the world. I can't even imagine ever writing "The End" at any point with this one hehe. Anyways, good to see this group and looking forward to meeting you all! Cheers, Sirian
  8. I gotta say, that new pony logo is tight af

  9. Happy Holidays everyone! Hope you find lots of happiness and great memories over these few days!

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    2. Telana


      Merry Christmas to you and yours, @Sirian Vaat

    3. Elisel


      The same to you @Sirian Vaat!  Thank you for coming back home to RoH and sharing with us your amazing creativity and storytelling!

    4. Sirian Vaat

      Sirian Vaat

      thanks all! to you as well! And thanks so much, Eli! :)