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  1. Hi all, Hope everyone's doing ok in these times. I'm in Nova Scotia, Canada, which was one of the safest covid-free areas in the world ... until a single family of people from Ontario came to NS for a weekend get-together, didn't quarantine, spread covid, and now we're up to over 1300 cases in just over a month. We had less than 20 for nearly a year straight before this, with countless weeks of 0 new cases. Now we're having between 100-200/day.  I hope everyone is safe out there. Best wishes.

    1. Elisel


      Oh no @Sirian Vaat - I"m so sorry that the thoughtless of one family has impacted your area so badly.  I'm doing well thanks - still being cautious even though I do have my double vax. 


      Appreciate you checking in and please be safe. 

    2. Kushluk Shimazu

      Kushluk Shimazu

      There is always that one guy.... damn man my condolences. Keep safe!~

    3. Sirian Vaat

      Sirian Vaat

      Cheers, gang. Things have calmed down quite a bit, thankfully. 

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