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    I can dps (melee preferred), but I'll defer to a new person if needed.
  2. Jae Onasi

    Friday Night SMOPS


    I can come around 7:45-8pm to fill out a dps spot that's still open or to fill in for someone who might need to leave early.
  3. until

    I can dps also if needed.
  4. Happy birthday (a day late)!

  5. until

    I can bring dps (prefer melee over ranged)
  6. Jae Onasi

    Friday Night SMOPS


    dps for me please, although I will bow out for a new person to join in if needed.
  7. Jae Onasi

    SMOPS - Karagga's Palace


    DPS>tank for me please
  8. until

    Hubby's boss is coming for dinner tomorrow night, so I'll be offline. Have fun, however!
  9. until

    I don't know if I'll be there or not. Hubby's bringing over his boss for dinner Tuesday and/or Wednesday night, so it might be good to call in a back-up for me.
  10. Jae Onasi

    VMOPs Terror From Beyond


  11. Jae Onasi

    SMOPS - Eternity Vault


    Dps please
  12. Jae Onasi

    Morning Smops Explosive Conflict


    I can dps or off tank, dps preferred.
  13. until

    I can dps.
  14. until

    DPS/backup for me, although I have to do a quick interview at 10 Eastern.
  15. Jae Onasi

    Gree Event


    dps for me! (can tank if you really, really beg me, but dps preferred)
  16. until

    dps if still needed (or tank if necessary) Edit: Oh, hubby reminded me Ohio State Buckeyes are playing football tonight. I'll be watching that. O-H!
  17. until

    I can do 16 also
  18. until

    Sadly, I will be out of town for this glorious snackrifice, but I sure look forward to tackling it with you in future weeks!
  19. Happy birthday!!


    happy birthday GIF by MenXclusive

  20. Jae Onasi



    DPS>tank for me if you have room.
  21. until

    I can do backup or join a 16 man
  22. Jae Onasi

    Morning SmOps Dread Palace


    I can DPS.
  23. until
    Have you decorated your stronghold for Life Day? Show it off! Post a picture in the thread. We'll be touring different strongholds. The judges will give out prizes for the top 3 Life Day-themed homes. If you're not able to join us that night, that's ok. You can either let the judges use your screenshot or give one of us officers a silver key, and we'll invite people for a tour. We'll be on the Republic side for this, but if your stronghold is on Dromund Kaas, don't worry, we can get smuggled in. We'll meet at Jae Onasi's Tatooine stronghold to kick things off.
  24. Join us as @Scya films the guild and takes our yearly group guild photo! We will meet on Jae Onasi's Alderaan Stronghold. Please come 15 minutes early so we can have things ready to go. Following that, we will go to Jae Onasi's Rishi Stronghold to whup up on each other on the Skydeck!