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    U.S. Military in Japan
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    Anime / Reading / computers / competitive gaming and casual / sky gazing/star gazing / models (like toy models)

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Hey'o guys, my name is Cameron.. I preferred to be called by username "Phoenix".  I guess whatever you think is respectable. I am in the United States Air Force. My current rank is Airman 1st Class, I will be attempting the long 20 year service to my country. If you ever have questions about the USAF just message me! My major hobbies are anime and gaming. I've been gaming since I was 6 years old my first game my father introduced to me was wizardry 4 if I remember correctly. But then it was start to the fps for me that was Halo Combat Evolved.. I loved playing to completion to the point where I played hardest difficulty over and over. I kinda started watching anime and reading manga when I was 7 years old being my first anime Evangelion, I know a little gory but really interesting for a 7 year old (lol). I'm a busy bee because when something huge (like work or a school project) I try to focus on that... a lot. My favorite power really inspire me to write a story about a man being built by the Greek gods and turning him into a weapon or person to stop Hades (Underworld god). Thanks for letting have this chance to join this guild and I hope I become funny and friendly person to everyone here! Thanks again!


Updated (Dec 21st, 2020)

So just over a year into the United States Air Force. I am now a Airman 1st class (E-3) But Airman or A1C for short. I completed my tech training 3F031 Personnel. I am just starting to get used to this new style of life. I won't brag about this position because its a position of pride, professionalism, discipline, and strength. If you ever have questions about the Air Force! Just ask I am sure I'll be able to answer your questions.

(I will update the rank/pay grade when I hit those other ranks.)

Feburary 5th, 2019 - Officially joined the U.S. Air Force.

Apirl 5th, 2019 - Completed Basic Military Training (BMT) & Gained the rank of Airman 1st Class

July 11th, 2019 - First Duty Station in Misawa, Japan for 2 years tour.

November 18th, 2020 - Wedding ❤️

July 11th, 2021 - Kadena(Okinawa) AFB, Japan for 4 years.