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  1. Apologies for going dark a few days, was at MIGS for work :)

    1. Tyrtaeus



  2. Happy Birthday you old geezer. Good luck with your work; I hope you're enjoying it. :) 

  3. For those interested in the Battlefront remake: no space battles, no single player, galactic civil way only

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    2. Vladro


      What? I've never heard this. Even before the announcement, i was under the impression of it being ground-space and then clone wars and galactic civil war too

    3. Saal


      I'm calling BS, Aralias. They've showed gameplay footage of space battles.

  4. For the time being, I will be doing my best to keep track of the active plays in league of legends as well as the roles they play and their summoner names. If you want to be added the list simply state your summoner name and your preferred roles. For a more in-depth template of what information we are looking for, look below. If you have any questions in regards to what roles do what, use this link. Appleveedub (AkuTheDemon) Top Lane (Mage/Fighter) Support (Tank/Support) Mid Lane (Mage/Fighter) Aralias (ObYi Wan Shenobi) Top Lane (Fighter/Tank) Mid Lane (Fighter/Mage) Jungle (Fighter/Tank) Cissa Cyrinity (Cupidheart) Top Lane (Assassin/Fighter) Mid Lane (Mage) Bot Lane (Support/Marksman) Jungle (Fighter/Mage) Cye (l eXemplify l) Jungle (Tank/Assassin/Fighter) Bot Lane (Support/Marksman) Top (Tank/Assassin) Erran Goran (Galaxyy) ADC (Marksman) Support (Support/Mage) Top (Tank/Fighter) GingerVitas (GingerVitas44) Bot Lane (Marksman) Mid Lane (Mage) Infrit Dor Top Lane (Fighter) Jungle (Assassin/Mage) Mid Lane (Mage) Bot Lane (Marksman/Support) Klaira Snowe (TheDeliverater) Bot Lane (Marksman) Larial (Larial) Bot Lane (Marksman/Support) Raiiya (Raiiya) Top (Fighter) Jungle (Fighter/Assassin) Mid (Assassin/Mage/Fighter) Bot (Support) Zaire (Slipstream56) Mid Lane (Mage) Top Lane (Tank/Fighter) Bot Lane (Support)
  5. Today I was presented with the most inspiration and motivational quote I have ever heard "mad cuz bad". Deep stuff really.

  6. Aralias

    Guild Wallpaper Releases

    This folder is for displaying previews of all the guild's wallpaper releases.
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