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  1. Ocean

    SMOPs: Explosive Conflict!


    I'd love to come tank! I'm familiar with EC and will be around (as long as my computer decides not to go splat).
  2. Neo

    Happy Birthday, Ocean!

  3. Neo

    Happy Birthday, @Ocean! Hope to see you around again. :) 

  4. OCEAN !!!!, I am back in SWTOR and miss talking to you hope everything is going good for you. Hopefully you will be able to hope in TS soon. 


    Ultimate Scrublord

  5. Happy belated birthday Ocean!!! Miss your face! :P :-*

    1. Ocean


      Thank you Sayuri! :D Been missing you as well, hope I can get on sometime soon and see you and everyone else :IMG_3736:

  6. @Ocean!!!!


    My dear friend, I miss seeing you in game, I hope you are doing Ok :)


    Happy super Birthday!!!! I really wish for you the very best in this new year of life you start, experiment all the things life has to offer and just be happy, don't let any dark side followers cast a shadow on your life, show them how a true jedi makes it shine in any situation :jedi:


    Hope to see you soon, here is your cake:

    Resultado de imagen para star wars birthday cake

    1. Ocean


      Thank you Dymlos!! Love the cake, it looks amazing and delicioius! :D

  7. @Ocean! Happy birthday man! I miss you!

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    2. RaVem


      How goes the VM/NiM raiding? I hope it has been everything you were looking for

    3. Ocean


      It's been alright, one of the teams fell apart though so I'm still figuring out some stuff :) I'll be coming back to play SWTOR and maybe some new games with RoH (hehe) if things don't work out though :D 

    4. RaVem


      You can always come back to play some other games in the meanwhile.  We have started raiding in GW2... hint hint wink wink...

      c'mon, you know you want to...

  8. Happy Birthday Ocean. May your day be filled with joy and yummy food :D. Have a super special awesome birthday! :D 

    1. Ocean


      Thank you Art! :D There will definitely be plenty of food!

  9. Happy 21st birthday!

    If you're going to over-drink, do NOT do it on cheap wine. :P

    Have a great day!

    1. Ocean


      Thanks Jae :D I will keep that in mind hahah!

    2. Elisel


      May I also mention do NOT do it on cheap vodka or cheap whiskey, and never should the two meet.  :P

    3. Jae Onasi

      Jae Onasi

      I suspect we have some stories to tell here.... :D

  10. Neo

    Happy Birthday Ocean and Happy Thanksgiving. Look how special you are to have two holidays going on the same day. :D 



    1. Ocean


      Thanks Neo :D It only happens like once every 7 years so it's definitely special when it happens!

  11. Happy birthday @Ocean. Wow only 21. For some reason I thought u were a little older.

    1. Ocean


      Thanks Azzareth :D and 21's pretty old to me haha XD

    2. Neo


      Ocean #ForeverYoungAt21

    3. Azzareth


      ha, be lucky u aren't 47 yet :)

  12. Happy Birthday Eli :D <3