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  1. Ocean

    [PVE-Pub] The Eyeless


    I can come tank or DPS
  2. Happy Birthday, Getius! Hope it's a good one :) 

  3. Ocean

    VMOPS FUN Progression : The Stormers


    I can come tank if you need one, but if anyone else wants to tank I'm fine with letting them go instead. Thanks!
  4. until

    I'll come rdps
  5. until

    Tank or DPS, whatever needs filling
  6. Ocean

    Happy Borfday Neo :D Hope you have a wonderful day!

    1. Neo


      Thanks Ocean!! :D

  7. until

    I can be your tank/melee dps spot
  8. until

    Put me down as a backup (tank or rdps), I'm not 100% sure I can come but I'll be able to know tomorrow
  9. until

    Hope you feel better soon Passi
  10. until

    I can bring tank or heals (heals if you want excitement, tank if you want normalcy)
  11. Neo

    Happy Belated Birthday Ocean, hope it was a good one!! Sorry I missed it... next time, have it on Thanksgiving day again and I’ll remember. 😛

    1. Ocean


      Thank you Neo! :D and it does sometimes fall on Thanksgiving, just not this year lol

    2. Neo
  12. Sorry I missed it... 
    HAPPY B-DAY !!!

    1. Ocean


      No worries, thank you Hellary! :D 

  13. until

    Oh boy Ravagers my favorite veteran mode operation which I love oh so dearly and makes me scream with joy and excitement!! (/s) Anyway, I'll be available with rDPS or tank if you need me
  14. Happy Birthday 😛 Sorry I didnt notice during the Revan Pulls 


    1. Ocean


      Haha it's all good, thank you brnji! :D We'll have to clear him as a birthday present next time!

  15. Happy Birthday @Ocean - I hope it was a good one :)

    1. Ocean


      Thank you Eli!! ❤️ I did enjoy the day hehe :)