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  1. Happy Birthday Orig!!!!

  2. ORIG! Happy birthday, friend! 

  3. until

    See if you can find a replacement for me. Still dealing with Madison house stuff and likely will be for at least a few more nights.
  4. until

    I should be getting home right around 9pm, will text if any issues
  5. until

    Count me as backup since we are doing easier content. I am completely available but if you have someone else to train I will spend the time doing The original KOTOR.
  6. until

    Im in.
  7. until

    So I am finally back up and running/working. Sorry for missing the first one after the break. I brought home one hell of a cold from vacation and have been asleep most of this week!
  8. until

    @Tyrlo @Aravail @Sayuri @Katalaw @Vorn @BattingChart @Rama Looks like a Large update as I log in, over 2 GB. FYI to log in early.
  9. I’m old and prefer earlier. However since it’s just once a week and not twice like the old days, I can suck it up (also it’s only 2 hours vs the old 3) I am curious though as to teaching someone new a difficult fight in 2 hours. For those of us that have done most of these many many times my guess is 2 hours is plenty but I am imagining a first comer to MM Revan fight and learning all of the dances around the circle along with mechanics and it may get tough. However with all this said, as long as it feels like we are making progress it keeps me interested. I think I stopped the game last time after three months of Master Blaster where we could never have the same group of 8 so it felt like I was on a never ending loop. As long as we have a good core group and solid alts who respect each other’s time and commitment, I think we will be good. Besides I still have lots of game achievements I need to finish and you know how I am about those!
  10. I’m game and good with Tuesdays, but I likely won’t want to push past 11:30. BTW, I LOVE how the mere mention of me scheduling forced your hand! and I am really looking forward to Nightmare raiding again, especially the few I have not done.
  11. If it means scheduling each week the raids, I can take that on. If it means being in charge, explaining boss fights, etc, I am not the droid you seek.
  12. I would warn you to expect a few min of "what does this ability do again" talk, but you would expect nothing less. Is this Imp side (since I had the raids mixed up wondering if I have the side mixed up)
  13. Ok now. No picking on me. I asked if I misunderstood because of this post from Katalaw.......perfectly understandable. I will be on tonight at 8:30 no matter what!

Congratulations to LadyAdrienne, Vorn, King Ragnar & Randal Arin on being chosen Members of the Month for August for their primary divisions!

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