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    Secret Santa In Eorzea

    I'm in!
  2. Your Character Name: Deyna Lyran How long have you played FFXIV or are you new? On and Off since 2.0 launch...roughly 4 years of playtime in all. Favorite thing to do in game? Gathering, Crafting, Dungeon Roulettes, and Fashion Greatest accomplishment in game? Cleared two savage raids...Coil of Bahamut and Alexander...while the content was new. How long have you been in Remnants of Hope? 2.5 years Have you every been in a leadership or assistant position? ESO Recruiting Assistant, ESO Recruiting Officer, GW2 Division Commander, Elder Councillor. Have you ever ran for any offices in RoH? Ran for GW2 Division Commander, and Ran for High Elder. Have you any projects that you worked on in RoH? Lots, but the one most people can see is the recruiting document in the charter.
  3. Deyna

    Deyna plays Fashion!

  4. Actually, I consider Shiva one of the easiest primal fights, but certainly one of the coolest. Pun very much intended. I had another idea for ex primals: since they come up on wondrous tails, we can so two primal events weekly: one for learning mechanics (while synced) for interested parties, and another unsynced to rush WT completion.
  5. the concept here is simple: the 8-man savage raids in this game have been obsoleted through the addition of newer 8-man savages, and the gear has also been obsoleted for the same reason: but there are players that would like to experience the old raids with the difficulty they once presented, so there is an option to sync your gear to the minimum requirement for that duty. this means that all of your fancy gear is now on par with how difficult the raid was supposed to be when it was first released. This allows for a more tangible raid experience for members wishing to relive (or live for the first time) the coil experience, as well as the alexander raids. The Omegascape raids are not available for ilvl sync yet, since the content is still recent enough that the min ilvl is still relevant for a lot of people. If anyone is interested in this, sound off here! a word of caution, though: these were the most difficult fights in the game when they were released, so this would be on par with a hardcore raiding experience.
  6. Hey guys! While we are all very excited that you are interested in playing FFXIV with us, I must have a small word of caution! Since we are not officially a division yet, activities in FFXIV and this interest group will not count toward your trial objectives: they need to be done with the division you joined RoH through. The reason for this is simple: the divisions have recruitment departments that are tasked with watching you play the game, interacting with our other members, and generally gauging that you are a good fit for the community, while the two-week trial period is intended for you to do the same; make sure that the community is right for you. We dont have that (yet!) in FFXIV, so officially, this small sector of RoH is not able to get you vetted to full member. Again, we would love to have you play with us in Eorzea (or Dravania, or Doma), but we would also like you to be a full member of the guild. we will still be here once you finish your trial period!
  7. I'll just be over here cuddling with my 60k winnings for the week.
  8. Deyna

    Welcome Wagon Post!

    Do you have a better description for it?
  9. I had mentioned this in the comments on the proposal's rough draft, actually. The point of a division game is that it sticks around for a few years, not just a fad for a month or so. Granted, we are at a slight disadvantage because this division has tried and failed once before, but things are different. heres what I know for a fact, and @Julius can help fill in the blanks: We are not on a perpetually locked server as we were in the first iteration of this game: we have piqued peoples interest, and they have been able to roll characters on Mateus, even during primetime hours. Previously, this game did not have a free trial. now it does. telling people they can play a good chunk of the game (lvl 35 with all classes) without spending a dime to try it out is a huge selling point that was not present last time. As I said, I'm sure Julius can point out a few more reasons why this time is different, as she was around when the first division fell apart, but I think the big thing is that we are not on Balmung: after all, if there is no new blood allowed on to a server, guilds stagnate quickly and that, from what I can see, is exactly what happened. There is no "but" after this. If you keep shortchanging yourself, then the EC is going to notice and start to poke and prod at that specifically. experience in leadership is a very minor concern: when WoW launched, it had a full team of officers with less than 6 months combined leadership experience, and while it got off to an extremely rocky start, it is still around because of the passion that various members poured into the game. here, we have people playing that do have leadership experience, people that are willing to stick it out, and at the end of the day, regardless of your own experience as an officer, we have people in the officer positions with experience that are more than willing to be leaned on to help you out. As I said in another thread, you have already been doing the brunt of the work that would normally fall to a DC in a full division, and again: the EC is going to notice this, and see that, regardless of formal experience, you are already preforming the job spectacularly. No. in all honesty, I have been writing my own proposal for the game, that I intend to present by the end of the week, but in short, we have to acknowledge that this division has failed once before, and outline why it wont happen again. We can't copy/paste the old one as if nothing ever happened. The big takeaway is that we need to take our time, and before we really think about proposals and divisions and officer positions, step one...which we have talked very little about...is cultivating a playerbase that is enthusiastic about playing this game for the long haul. We can recruit out of RoH for a bit to bolster our numbers, but we predominately want the bulk of members in the FC to come from RoH as a whole. I would not feel comfortable bringing a proposal to the EC with less than 30 players active on the roster, where at least 25 of them are established RoH members.
  10. weekends are never good days for me. busy food service times.
  11. Deyna

    RoH FFXIV FC Sheet

    @Droghan I setup gradients on the spreadsheet, and also set it so that if someone hits 70 on a class, it turns the text gold.
  12. In short, the EC can't point to some random person and say, "hey, youre now the DC." there needs to be some interest from at least one member to appoint that person the DC. in this case, the nomination we have listed in our proposal.

Congratulations to Marjevante & Cadensce on being chosen Members of the Month for December for their primary divisions!

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