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  1. I just noticed your signature... I'm honored to know my punanigans were worthy of such praise! (not sarcasm, I think it's amazing!)

    1. Deyna


      haha, if I see something quote worthy in chat its usually my new signature for a time!  :D enjoy the seat of honor until you get ousted.

  2. kAOz5ms.gif


    Found this in my archive folder, thought you might want a giggle over it again.

    1. Telana


      You just gave me light when there was none.

      Thank you, your DuckMajesty.




  3. Happy birthday, Deyna! The forums didn't tell me it was your birthday so I hope this is good enough :P

  4. Happy belated birthday... Old man :) 

  5. Thank you all for the birthday wishes!  They truly mean more than you think they do.  Keep being awesome RoH!

    1. Twilae
    2. Jixara


      Happy belated! <3 Totally missed this yesterday x_x

  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday Deyna! :) 


  9. Happy birthday, Deyna!

  10. Happy Birthday Deyna

    Related image

  11. Have a super Happy Birthday, Deyna!! May your day be filled with AWESOMENESS!!!


    1. Stargirl


      Happy birthday killer snail

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