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  1. So sorry I missed this. Hope it was a great birthday!

  2. Happy birthday @Deyna

  3. Happy Birthday Deyna! Best wishes and i hope you had a fantastic day my friend! :) 

  4. Happy Birthday!   I hope you have a great day! 

  5. Neo

    Happy Birthday, @Deyna!

  6. Have a lovely B-day! :)

  7. changing worlds is rather difficult, but it sounds like you havent gotten far, so you might want to consider remaking your character on Mateus.
  8. @Visucius ive been playing with dyes to see if I can find some extra points here and there, but overall I think people might need to bite the bullet and skip this one without a lvl 60 DoM. I havent found any matches that arent locked behind that yet.
  9. This weekends easy fashion report for a score of 80+ (earning 60k MGP) is in the spoiler! Fashion Report is a gold saucer minigame where an NPC named Masked Rose will give you a theme, and you will need to dress according to the theme and then present yourself for judging. Each theme has four pieces of gear that matter, and each piece will have a hint on what to wear for judging. while participating in fashion report will get you 10k mgp weekly, getting a score of 80+ will net you an extra 50k for a total of 60k mgp every week. In order to enter the fashion report, you must first have access to the gold saucer. once you unlock airship travel (through the envoy quest on the MSQ), you will find an NPC in Ul'Dah named "well-heeled youth." talk to him, and start the quest to enter the saucer. Once in, there is an NPC in the first main room you enter named Lewena, who will have a quest called "passion for fashion." complete this, and you are all primed for fashion report! Every week, there will be at least one piece of gear that is attached to a dungeon drop, making it difficult to get a full 100 score without farming said dungeon or already having the piece. luckily, there are other pieces that are often purchasable from an NPC that will qualify for many of the challenges. This guide will focus on finding a score of 80 (or higher) that is fully purchasable from an NPC and equippable at the lowest possible level. This will usually be two pieces of gear. Although only four pieces matter for getting a higher score, make sure that all of your equipment slots, including accessories, are full. So where do you buy the gear? most of the gear is purchasable from the same vendor. There are about 8-10 identical vendors across all the capital cities and many major hubs, but one of the easiest to find is Gwalter in Ul'Dah: take the aethernet to the sapphire avenue exchange and hes right there: So when my guide refers to the "usual vendor," this is the vendor I'm talking about. You can see that his wares are split by DoW/DoM/DoL gear, so I will also provide which menu the item is found in. Any other vendors required will also be pointed out. I will attempt to keep this updated weekly with the current winning fashion report, but if it looks like I'm behind feel free to poke me here or in game (Deyna Lyran) and I'll get right on it!
  10. @Vyrigan I'm glad you decided to pick up ffxiv! After reading your post a while ago emphasizing playing an mmorpg single player and the merits it could potentially bring, I was thinking to myself how much fun you would probably have here. Glad you finally found it! As always, if you need any advice, I'm always around. Except when I'm working or sleeping. Hit me up for a dungeon sometime!
  11. Then stop getting grounded. XD in all seriousness, though, we will still be using this interest group as well as playing the game itself (obviously).
  12. I unfortunately need to work during the scheduled time. subscription-based games and internet bills require that I keep a steady paycheck to continue playing.
  13. Aletreus, you are making zero friends by patronizing. I am done with this "friendly" conversation. I am more than willing to admit when I'm wrong, but do not elevate yourself to a deity and belittle those with an opposing viewpoint to yours.
  14. You didnt mention consistency because your idea that we must move servers now with limited information sets a very clear precedence for inconsistency. You are looking at ffxiv through a lens that we are already a full fledged division with a recruiting department. the fact that we have 8-12 people online nightly that were already ROH members is astronomically high when you consider that both ESO and WoW were launched as divisions when their nightly regular login was less than 5...they just had the passion, the officer team, and showed the EC at the time that they had the consistency to make sure that the divisions would stick around for the long term. getting spooked and jumping servers shows that we have no crisis control, and that is not good for the health of our division to be. Once we establish ourselves, then we can start recruiting, and we can begin to push for 20-25 members online nightly. your "data" is facebook posts and memes from other rumormongers trying to get views and likes. find me data from Squeenix showing what you say and I will reconsider. Balmung is still twice the size of any other NA server, and even with people migrating off of it, I would be willing to bet money that Balmung will stay locked after the shuffle: it is just simply too congested to allow for people to move in, which leaves for our data center either Mateus or one of the low pop servers. again, we have a high number of people logging on for not actively recruiting, compared to the division creations of other divisions, and in every division you will see people that havent visited in weeks and months. and this IS an issue if we are discussing the best interests of RoH: telling our playerbase that we are choosing mateus as a server, and then immediately reneging our decision because of rumors will get people to lose trust in us as a division because it shows a level of inconsistency that nobody likes to stake a claim in. You are suggesting a proactive approach to the nuclear option. The reason it is the nuclear option is because you are proposing that we rip out the fc we currently have...and some people have paid for xfers to be on mateus with us already...and start fresh somewhere else. literally go back to square one and start new. This is not something you do because it might happen. SWTORs xfer was reactive. all of this discussion to move servers is reactionary to the announcement. literally everyone else is looking at this through a reactive lens except for you. saying you have not given a timetable means nothing when I can count at least 5 instances in this thread where you say some variation of the phrase that a decision needs to be made sooner rather than later. And guess what? we did make a decision. this is not the first time that this has been discussed by the future officers of the fc, and our consensus was this: we wait it out, and after the dust settles, if a server xfer is necessary, we can do our research then. We cannot afford to be part of the exodus, as you put it, and find ourselves going from a good high pop server to a congested one with zero new recruits. This might mean that we are condemned to a small house forever, but I will take a small house with the fc intact over no fc at all.
  15. I believe the word that everyone here is missing is consistency. We are looking to make a division for RoH, which means we need to show that the division will be consistent, and not a fad that will be retired by 2020. In order to do this, we need to make decisions that are based in facts and not conjecture. One such decision is the one that is being discussed currently, and one that we have already made a decision on to be on Mateus. for the sake of the divisions future, my opinion is that we stay the course on Mateus, and wait to see if this talk of switching servers is a fad or something that legitimately needs to be discussed to save the division. We have already established ourselves on Mateus. we have nearly 70 people in the FC, some of them making characters at oddball hours to get here, and many of us have likely made connections outside of the FC to people on Mateus, that plan on staying on Mateus. I am one. Chap is another, Zhaydin as well, and Kae has a group, too. those are just who I can mention off the top of my head. Supplanting the FC to a different data center with the opinion that the grass will be greener on the other side of the fence will split the FC in half, just as surely as this thread has flared tempers on both sides of the argument. Since Mateus currently works, Lance's law is in effect. One major argument I keep seeing is that Mateus will be a ghost town once server xfers hit. and perhaps that is true. But I can not condone a server xfer until we actually see that Mateus becomes a ghost town after the server shuffle. back to decisions based in facts for the sake of consistency. SWTOR actually had a server xfer as well, but they did not initiate the xfer until they knew that their server was going too far down in pop, and the health of the division was on life support. We are very clearly not on life support for the division; we are thriving in numbers from just ROH members, and there are plenty of untagged people on Mateus that we can snatch up when we actually go in for recruitment. additionally, some people leaving Mateus would be a good thing: a slightly lower pop server would mean less chance of being tagged congested during peak hours so we can get more people to create characters to play with us. No one here can deny that is a good thing. while its always good to plan for worst-case scenario, but to immediately go to the nuclear option of a server xfer at the rumor of downsizing is asinine. Ultimately, though, this is the clincher for me: We have no idea how any of this works. Until 4.5 drops and we can experience guesting for ourselves, we are left with too little information to base our facts off of, and we are making wild assumptions for the worst case scenario. back to your regularly scheduled programming of roulette running and lalafell punting.

Congratulations to Madhatter5510, KalianVan & Felipe on being chosen Members of the Month for April for their primary divisions!

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