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  1. Moving to Cactuar with a work buddy
  2. I love voip over discord so much, so clear, so easy to use, plus I can turn up and down other chatters on the fly
  3. I havent been on a lot lately, why do we have to resubmit the proposal? As well as what is going on with leadership?
  4. You can add me to the PVE list
  5. So lets try wednesday evening? 6pm EST?
  6. Could we arrange a day for us all to get on and look our best and get a guild photo?
  7. I need my name changed when you have a chance to Grimm Grimoire
  8. Loving these threads!
  9. Your Character Name: Stromness Grimlocke (want to pay to change it, I regret the whole thing lol) How long have you played FFXIV or are you new? Played for 4 months at reboot, 1 month after first exp, and for 1 month now. Favorite thing to do in game? Dungeons Greatest accomplishment in game? Looking fancy How long have you been in Remnants of Hope? Just over 2 years Have you ever been in a leadership or assistant position? Assistant for Recruiting in SWTOR Have you ever run for any offices in RoH? I have not Do you have any projects that you worked on in RoH? None
  10. I'd be down to help, let me know what I can do. I have limited internet speeds and connections until Saturday as my ISP is investigating my drop in speed.
  11. I can jump in as an assistant for pve I forgot to mention this
  12. Stuck waiting on support, my account has issues
  13. Reseting e-mail and password, and paying for a month right now lol
  14. When we get this rolling I'd be happy to help out in recruitment or possibly with beginners.
  15. What are you playing this weekend?
  16. I'd be down to play some DCU, but I am currently away from a decent internet connection lol

    1. Hellary Ren

      Hellary Ren

      I'd be down too, but for now it's just a consideration. My family is coming back to celebrate a New Year, so it would be later winter's holidays :P 
      Thanks for the offer tho! I'll remember it, if I'll try out DCUO again soon

  17. Going on vacation to Florida for a few weeks, not subbing on SWTOR till the new year!

    1. Gagi


      UR not missing out on much! :D 

    2. Stromness
    3. Gagi


      The patch that will make things better in SWTOR will not happen until New Year so.. ;)