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  1. I'm trying to apply to become a F2P member, but the link sends me to a place that I do not have permissions to view? I think.. 
    I don't know. I need help 

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    2. Reylin


      thank you so much <3 

    3. Tallon


      Try Now.  Yeah is the set up did not think to add Former Members.  PM me if still having issues.

    4. Reylin


      thank you so much Tallon <3 
      it works now

  2. Happy Birthday!!!! :D Here's a special cake for you. (Are you a Junkrat main btw? We should play sometime)


    1. Stargirl


      uhm ew. That cake looks really gross and what is a junkrat. 


      Here's a picture i found that i think being on EC must be like so thank you for doing that even on your birthday!!!


  3. FanArt Tuesday!! :D This week I am sharing this awesome picture made by zelkam

    Erza Scarlet is a wonderful character, she's from Fairy Tail. A Warrior with a courageous soul, she's often called Queen of the Fairies, or Titania Erza. This picture is of her relaxing :) 




  4. Looking at FanArt. Some of the best art I've seen online comes from preexisting characters that the artist is a fan of. It's great because everyone who's seen that character before can relate to the art in a unique way, because everyone's impressions of that character are different. 

    I love FanArt. Here is a piece by Karkeng Chan, of the character from Rogue One. 

    Jyn Erso




    1. Jixara


      I agree! To be honest I enjoy a well-done fanartist's rendering over the official art a lot of the time, simply because they're doing it for whatever emotion the character fosters in them instead of any monetary compensation, and for the best pieces that sentiment is quite obvious in their work.

      This one's by Aleksei Vinogradov on Deviantart (though for some reason he gave her blue eyes, still I love the painterly style, and the emotion he managed to convey)



    2. Reylin


      Wow that's awesome. I love it!

      I think I'm going to post a piece of FanArt I enjoy every Tuesday, it's fun. :D Tumblr has an endless supply, hahah

      Thank you so much for sharing!!! 

    3. Jixara


      Entirely welcome! And that's a great idea :D get some of that lesser known fanart that deserves attention out there, and inspire some conversation on art in general. Can't really go wrong ^^

  5. Interested in coming to future Social Events? Want to be notified when an event is posted? Signup for notification tags here! :D 



  6. From what I understand it's a Dinosaur Survival MMO that's still in it's Beta. I still see some people playing it in TS once in a while It sounds like a lot of fun, and I'm sure we'd have a division going if the game actually released. But alas everyone is waiting on the developers I think?
  7. Captain America: Civil War - Movie Review Monday


    Overall: 8.8/10
    "An epic & fun summer blockbuster"
    Plot: 6/10
    Characters: 9/10
    Emotions: 9/10
    Color: 4/10
    Nostalgia Factor: +18

    Breakdown with SPOILERS:



    The twist of the film is that the villain (Helmut Zemo) sets up the Avengers to fight amongst themselves, as revenge for what happened to his family.

    It seems like reaching when a guy from a mere village can mess with the Avengers like that. It feels like scapegoating to keep the Marvel Characters™ polished and beautiful, with as little blame towards them as possible. In order to be a fully weighted drama, they needed to have more consequences between the characters.

    I understand and appreciate Marvel’s intentions: they’re a corporation, and in order to increase their revenue to the stockholders they need to keep these characters in top condition and mainstream them. With the little leeway the writers had, in my book they still passed. 6/10



    We’re dealing with some awesome superheroes; they needed to be portrayed correctly. Captain America and the cast were great in their roles, portraying the characters brilliantly, with emotions and chemistry between them.

    The smaller roles added a great foundation to the film. Having all the different Avengers in it really makes the Marvel Universe complete: Ant Man, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Black Panther, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Winter Soldier, Falcon, War Machine, and Hawkeye. I love all of them being in the film.

    The Steve and Bucky friendship went a long way, and I feel it was brilliantly portrayed in this film. Sam being Steve’s current (modern) friend and not liking Bucky was also hilarious and perfect. The trio’s dynamic made that side of the Civil War very relatable, and worth rooting for.

    Tony Stark was brilliant in this one. His relationship with Steve was stressed in dramatic ways that really had emotion. He also had great sense of comedic timing and the birth of a new relationship between Spider-Man and Iron Man. Tony’s friendship with Rhodey was great and added drama when Rhodey became hurt. The stakes were high in that last fight between Tony and Bucky/Steve.

    Black Panther’s introduction was terrific, and I can’t wait for that character’s solo movie. I loved the mystery to him at first; they really locked onto that before fleshing out his character. He also brought stability to the chaos at the end, when he had words of wisdom to give to the villain (and the audience).

    The Characters Category is not a 10/10 though, because of the romance between Captain America and his ex-sweetheart’s granddaughter, which felt forced. There was no buildup, just the end result. I didn’t feel any connection between them in that relationship. It didn’t need to be in the film, as they could’ve just taken out the involvement entirely. It’s also creepy; going out with your ex-sweetheart’s granddaughter… what are you doing Steve? 9/10



    Excitement: Booming with excitement, that’s always the central emotion in a superhero movie. There were lots of cool fights and an amazing chase scene. It was one of the most exciting films of 2016 (after Rogue One, of course).

    Hilarity: Marvel movies are always funny. I am always satisfied in the theater when going to an MCU release. The one-liners and jokes added in are funny.

    Fear:  There was some fear of loss in this film, especially the conflict about severing the Avengers team in half. When Rhodey was down and possibly died, there was a fear of loss of the friendship between Iron Man and Captain America, which had the possibility of turning into hate. They did a decent job of conveying fear in a family-friendly way, bringing extra drama to the storyline.

    Sadness: There could have been more sadness in the film, as there was no heavy loss, which is disappointing since it’s a movie about a conflict between friends.
    Rhodey didn’t die, Tony and Steve are not enemies - they’re “kind of” friends? It was weird at the end. But there were enough of the other emotions to bring it up to 9/10.



    Gray tones were conveyed with mainly streets and cement. The overall colors of the movie are boring, other than the colors of the super-suits. Marvel needs to add a better color palette into their MCU movies, like they did with Guardians of the Galaxy. Color always adds to film.

    There is also a lack of racial diversity in the Avengers. Besides Scarlet Witch being from the fictional country of Sokovia, there are 3 black men and all the other heroes are white. With only 2 women in the Avengers, the racial diversity is at the least better than that, with 4/10


    Nostalgia Factor

    Classic Super Heroes = +12
    Civil War comic source = +3
    Good Spider-Man Introduction (finally) = +3
    Total = +18


  8. wow that personality quiz got way more popular than I thought. XD I hope everyone had fun. Remember to give me rep if you enjoyed it :P that's one way to give back to the creator of the quiz... hahaha XD 

    Thanks everyone! I love you all :D 

    1. Stargirl


      it was fun how do you do it do you have another sight you look at?

    2. Reylin


      I set up the calculations myself on a spreadsheet, and I then calculate everyone's responses with that spreadsheet. I wish I could automate it though... lol. But it's 100% my handiwork :) 

  9. Just 132 more days to win, and you've won a year in RoH!!! Nice job, girl! <3 :D 

  10. Happy Birthday Nyssa! It was very fun killing Snowblind with you yesterday! :) 



    1. RinaKitten


      I had a lot of fun. Thank you for having me and thank you for the birthday wishes. I will make a lovely rug from that mean ol putty tat!


  11. Happy Birthday Dymlos! I hope you're doing well, and I'm excited to play more SWTOR with you soon. :) 


    1. Dymlos


      I too hope to be alongside a great and amazing friend such as you Reylin, together we shall make the bosses bow before the true rulers of the different ops.

      Thank you for the song, I loved it!!!

  12. 3

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    2. Scya


      I am laughing so hard thanks for the pick me up Rey!

    3. Reylin


      it's my pleasure! 7001 :P <3

      oh 7002 actually XD

    4. Sayuri


      make that 7003! :D 

  13. Happy Birthday Jaan :) 

  14. Interested in Gearing up your SWTOR Character? We have a Galactic Command event posted here - 



  15. Happy Happy Birthday Ocean!!! :D 
    Have fun and remember to chew your cake, don't inhale it :P 



    1. Ocean


      Thank you Reylin! Hahaha I will thoroughly chew on my cake xD

  16. Thanks @KageSennen for getting me so addicted to Let It Go... you just had to watch Frozen again with me last night... lol. What a timeless song :) 


    1. Sayuri



      @KageSennen is now a hero to all things awesome! *highest of five*

    2. KageSennen



      It was an honor to serve! :P *highest of five*

  17. On the bus home from the lake. I'll be arriving in 2 and a half hours or so. 

    Hopefully I'll see some people online in swtor and TS. :) 

  18. The Wedding was AMAZING! SO cute! There were only 32 people at the wedding. We had it on the beach. Just 5 bridesmaids, 3 for the groom, and my sister and I for my mom (groom's children and brides children).

    My uncle played guitar and my cousin sang a song. We had dinner in the cabin afterwards. Very small but very significant and wonderful. :) I'm happy I was able to stand by and support my mom. 

  19. Day 3: 10am. Still at the lake. Wedding in the afternoon. I woke up at like 3am... Which means i got an hour more than last night! Lol

    Just wanted to give an update because I need to vent. I sat for around 2 hours through breakfast. The entire time my aunts, uncle, and grandparents all complained and made fun of millennials. I was sitting there the whole time. They were basically complaining and making fun of me in my face. 

    It really frustrated me but I didn't say anything. I just took it and now I'm releasing it here on my status... I hope that's alright with people. You guys keep me sane! I love you! <3 thanks for being awesome

  20. Day 2 at the lake. Everyone had tons of jobs to do... I had to haul stuff around a lot. I also had to take care of some toddlers as young as 3 I think. 

    Yikes it was a tough day. My grandma was transphobic to me pretty much all day too, which was hard. Kept saying stuff like: "well he's a man and should bla bla bla". When my uncle and I were doing the dishes, she says "the men are doing the dishes"... -.- 

    I didn't have much time to relax. But when I did, I spent it on the forums with you guys! Thank you so much <3 I love you all. 

    Tomorrow is the wedding. Big day. My mom is excited. We shall see how it goes! :) I'm excited too. 

  21. I made it safely to the lake! My family was happy to see me. 

    We worked like ants yesterday, getting the cabin ready for my moms wedding. But I had to run inside at one point when a wasp nest was provoked (I'm deathly allergic). 

    Last nights supper was my favourite meal. I love Wareniki/Vereniki and Farmer Sausage <3 


    Made a campfire in the evening. Chatted with cousins and Aunts and Uncles. Went to bed early, which was probably a mistake. I woke up at 2am and haven't been able to fall asleep since XD yikes. Ill try to sleep some more this morning. But the toddlers might wake up everyone... 

    More wedding prep today. Love the meals my grandma makes so I'm looking forward to that. In my downtime I think I'm gonna check the website because you guys make me happy ;) 

    more updates coming soon, hopefully! :) love you all


  22. yRO4y7B.jpg

    1. Reylin


      Yay! I figured out how to post images on here. This is my Sentinel Utilities loadout. I really just wanted to try and post an image but I didn't know what image, so this is the one I picked. Now you all know what utilities I choose on my Watchman Sentinel :P 

    2. Sayuri


      I just learned how to use snipping tool... I'm so behind on my tech game!

    3. Reylin


      Maybe we can figure this stuff out together, then? :D 

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