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    GW2, SWTOR, random crafts, drawing, reading, and playing other games like: Dead Space, MASS EFFECT, Borderlands

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    Senkaylas, Ryuu Adonis, Nimloth Celeborn, Dianthus Emara, Nesrin Saraph, Kage Sennen, Gavin Draco, Dreir, Klytieran,
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About Me

Neutrois, Non-binary, Trans*. I am pronoun indifferent, but I am playing with They/Them to see how they fit. So if you could refer to me as They/Them that would be great.

I play some games. Mainly GW2 (JUMPING PUZZLES) and SWTOR (SCIONS is GREAT! though some of my friends joke that we're dating, an odd concept. Can I date a Raid team, or the name? Anyways always fun).

I also play games that are not MMOs. Like Mass Effect! Such a good game, Garrus is Life! Have a pic of him on my desk, Thanks, Nyx! :D 

I recently started playing Dead Space and Borderlands. Such fun, I'm having fun with them.

I like to Draw, read, sing (to myself, no Owinn, do not invite me to karaoke, it ain't happening), and be a dork. 

That's it, that's me.