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    Yes I'm available for tonight ^^
  2. until

    yes I'm going. sorry I thought I had rsvp'd already
  3. until

    I can make it, I just got my computer set up at home
  4. Happy Birthday!! :D Mew! ^^

  5. KageSennen

    [GW2] META Night


    @Peureki with the time change we've been doing most maps at 8:30 just to keep it even. I'm sorry I haven't updated that thing in awhile. Up to you on what times to run though ^^
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    mass effect GIF


    Happy Birthday!!! Calibrate with intensity! :D 

    1. Phoenyxa


      This....is...amazing!! So much intense!! 


      Thank you, Thank you Kage!! 😊


      dance link GIF

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @Katalaw!!! PAAAAAAKAAAAAW!!!         party birthday GIF by Angry Birds

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @Morgani!!! :D

    Have an awesome day!

    happy birthday GIF by chuber channel


  9. Happy Birthday Chapmonious!! :D

    Mew mew! :) 

    1. Chapmonious


      Aww thank you Kage!! ❤️ 



    1. Maxinox


      Thank you Kage! ^_^

  11. Happy Birthday!! :D 

  12. Happy Birthday!! :D


  13. Happy Birthday!! :D 

  14. Happy Birthday, Big Pink, @Mevraz!! :D 

  15. KageSennen

    GW2 Jumping Puzzles!

    Need achievements? Want to have fun? Join for Jumping Puzzles! I run the Jumping Puzzle event so everyone can get their JP achievies and have fun ^^ I show the paths that are taken for the JP and if help is needed or wanted I have my mesmer at the ready to supply portals Start time: 6pm EST
  16. KageSennen

    GW2 Guild Missions!

    Come join us on Wednesdays at 8:30pm Eastern for Guild Missions! Good and easy loot, fun group content, and fun times with guildies! It will be a blast! Checkout our complete guild missions guide, here!