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  1. until

    I can tank if you need one.
  2. until

    I can mdps
  3. until

    I can do any role!
  4. until

    I can be a backup tank or mdps (possibly rdps if I have it geared by then).
  5. until

    I can mDPS if there's still room.
  6. until

    I can melee dps.
  7. until

    I can help out if you guys end up having multiple people out.
  8. until

    Grats on Thrasher! That's the hardest boss till Warlords. You guys can do it!
  9. until

    Sorry I left you hanging. I had other plans and wasn't checking the forums. If you need me in the future, Sayuri and a couple others have my discord.
  10. until

    There wasn't one today.
  11. until

    Just a heads up, HM Gods is broken. Tyth adds are not spawning in burn phase, A&E is pretty much the same from what we could tell, Nahut has extra pins/nails (can't be knocked back now) and extra turrets. My group didn't have time to pull Scyva/Izax but I'd assume those are similarly bugged. Edit: I checked the forums and it looks like the Gods bugs are known and going to be patched next week.
  12. until

    I realize that this is likely of limited use to you guys but, I would be remiss not to offer them. I saved 3/5 and 4/5 Rav lockouts (pubside again, sorry). Let me know if you want me to pass them off at raid time. Good luck either way!
  13. until

    Not sure how much use this will be but, I saved a HM Cora lockout if you want to use it tomorrow. Only catch is it's pub.
  14. If I may be so bold, I would recommend coordinating with recruitment in order to ensure the need for progression players is properly communicated. Looking at our site, Scya’s Reddit post, Scya’s semi-official semi-recruitment video, and our post on the official SWTOR forums (owed by Jixara IIRC), progression is just a small item on a list. For example, regarding PROPS, our SWTOR forums post says: While accurate, no specifics are given. There is no mention of a want or any openings for progression raiders. If recruitment is at a point that they do not feel overworked, I would propose having them put in a couple lines about the team. The team name, role(s) needed, and the usual days/times would suffice. You might find a good fit for the team and the guild. I would also encourage @Aravail to mention PROPS’s situation in the description and/or comments of one of his videos. Multiple members of PROPS found their way to RoH by way of Aravail’s videos. It may be worth waiting until the big in guild meeting to see if you still need people. Just to reiterate, make sure you check with recruitment beforehand. Their job is hard enough already, a Scya video 2.0 situation would not be ideal. Anyway, these were just a couple things that came to mind when I learned about your roster boss progression. Take them, leave them, and modify them as you will.
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