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  1. until

    Sorry, @Katalaw; you can take me off this list, too.
  2. Yeah, I think I can do Thursday. Oh wait, I already signed up. Stop confusing me, Jinn.
  3. Happy birthday, Rey :) 

  4. until

    @Katalaw, unlikely to make it at this point, may as well replace. I'll text you as well.
  5. until

    Moving to maybe as work has been hell lately. If I'm home in time and we're running I can be available.
  6. until

    I found the rest of my guardian gear, so I can have him ready to tank if needed. Also have DPS, naturally.
  7. until

    @Katalaw, I don't mind sitting out if others want to run as well, so feel free to sign up, everybody. I'll definitely still be there if needed, though.
  8. until

    @Merliah, listen you...
  9. until

    I'd like to continue to build up a healer!
  10. until

    I might be a tiny bit late, still at work. Fingers crossed, though, @Katalaw.
  11. until

    Yep, was just heading here to say the same. Log in and patch up!
  12. until

    Maybe again, as the mother hasn't left by this point, but it's her last night, so slightly more maybe than the 22nd.
  13. until

    Going with maybe as my mom's coming into town on the 20th. Still possible late Saturday night is free, though.

Congratulations to Pupp, Jed, Feladris & jermz1804 on being chosen Members of the Month for October for their primary divisions!

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