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  1. Superb job almost one-shotting everything on Explosive Conflict, team! One falter on the minefield, one falter on the tanks, but excellently done altogether! Big thanks to @Merliah, @Jaqques, @Elisel, @Vorn, @Siscia, @Katalaw, and @Vil for a great run and wonderful laughs. You guys are the best!
  2. I'll set up the group when I get home shortly and lead.
  3. I'm coming, don't worry. Need to show off the mountie outfit, finally.
  4. Tyrlo

    [EC] Ask Us Anything!

    Hello, Remnants! The Ask Us Anything train will continue rolling with our first monthly scheduled AUA! Find some of the Elder Council in TS and come chat us up. If you have any questions, ideas, or even just want to talk, we'll be there!
  5. until

    Available to heal if needed.
  6. Happy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyy!


    excited hooray GIF

  7. I haven't done it before, but I'd be interested.
  8. until

    I was sketchy, but I think I can.
  9. until

    I should be okay for next Thursday and the following.
  10. until

    If you wanted us to confirm, you should have made it an event to which we could RSVP But I'm coming anyway cuz I like you
  11. until

    I can likely help, so let me know if you need me.
  12. Happiest of birthdays, @Sim the Ineluctable!

    1. Sim the Ineluctable

      Sim the Ineluctable

      Thanks for your help this year, Tyrlo.  :)


  13. until

    I know, neither does my 237 gear score. You know we have more fun, though. I'll be working on it a little more this week.
  14. until

    @Merliah Listen you
  15. until

    Can heal again.
  16. until

    I got to 68 tonight before I had to bail for sleep for work, so hopefully I can get it to 70 tomorrow before ops and be good to go. Anybody wants to hop in and help me out, let me know.
  17. until

    I'll come. DPS or heals if I have enough advance warning to get my gear there.
  18. until

    Sorry for being unavailable, I took advantage of the short notice to make a date night with the wife a few days ago.
  19. Happy birthday! Look how many people love you :D 

  20. until

    Oh, sorry - I'm here and coming. My fault.
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