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  1. I feel like, at this point, we're going to need to regress a little bit and revisit some of the older content to get ourselves back to a fighting unit again, and those I can lead (I'm less familiar with Revan fights, but if we want to, I could get up to speed). As I sort of indicated before, though, while I don't mind being a raid lead, I can't commit to being an organizer. I think we need to find a set of people interested and figure out days and times that work for everybody, and we can talk from there.


    I do admit my interest is waning, and it's been nice having some time back the last couple weeks, but as I've said before, I like playing with my friends, so getting some people back together is a good way regenerate that interest. :) 

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  2. I mostly just like running with my friends. I'm getting a little worn out on tanking constantly, but I like having a reliable place in a group of people focused on beating things.


    I'm still fine with T/Th, but timing's not really an issue, so other days are potentially okay. I would like to get back to a stable, capable group, as I'm sure we all would. I don't mind helping people to grow there as long as we're doing fights that are appropriate - meaning I don't mind going back and doing easier things to gear people up, make sure we have a solid group dynamic, get everybody educated and up to speed, etc. If we're starting 3 or 5 new reliable proggers, let's step back a tier or two and get to know each other. I'd much rather clear easier stuff and get confidence than wipe endlessly (and spend credits I don't really have all that much time to earn) in the pursuit of maintaining progression.


    Hope that makes sense, and it's not an attack on anything - this is just my perspective on how I'd like to see prog adapt if we bring in fresh blood.

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