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  1. Aww, it's your birthday!
    Miss seeing you around in SWTOR more. Happy Birthday!!!

    1. Neo


      Thanks Hellary! Miss playing with you too. :(

  2. New design asks for new profile and cover photo with an early festive mood!! 

    tenor (1).gif

  3. Happy birthday @Hellary Ren

    1. Hellary Ren

      Hellary Ren

      Thank you - thank you. Sorry for a late response. My time online is quite limited :p

  4. Birthday blessings!!!!  Congratulations on completing another orbit!  Can't wait to see you back in game on a regular basis.  Stay safe and finish your service strong!!!

    1. Hellary Ren

      Hellary Ren

      Thank you! Can't wait to be back and play with you. :)

  5. Happy Birthday to one of my fave Hopians!  Thanks for all the awesome times in SWTOR.  Hope you are doing well ❤️


    1. Elisel


      PS also, happy THIRD Hopian Anniversary!

    2. Hellary Ren
  6. You are the awesomest! Have an awesome birthday filled with joy - I can't wait for you to return for good, not long to go now ❤️ 

    hbd GIF by happy-birthday

    1. Hellary Ren

      Hellary Ren

      Thank you for the kind words! 

      Almost back for good. Just half the Fall to go. ^-^

  7. 4 months and 15 days until I'll be back home fully

    Once in awhile I get the chance to come home for around 10 hours. I  also have enough stories and complains to sound like an old men, but in twenties. A little sad to see SWTOR getting updates soooo slow (I mean c'mon, I played last update in December and the new one is just coming out). Hopelly the expansion brings enough new stuff for everyone to enjoy. 

    Can't wait to come back! ^~^

    1. Neo


      Hey Hellary, glad you're doing well! Only 4 months and a half to go before you come home. Keep it up, we'll see you then! ❤️ 

    2. Azilori


      Can't wait to see you my friend!! ❤️ 

  8. I noticed a post so thought I would take an opportunity to ask how things are going with you??

    1. Hellary Ren

      Hellary Ren

      Not bad. Incredibly tired of being in my situation for several reasons, but it is what it is. Six more months and twelve days before I can come home. I pucture a poster 'hang in there' with a kitten in my head whenever it gets hard,  I'll be fine. :)

    2. Azilori
  9. 4+ months in - 7 more and 2 weeks to go 
    Everything is going well. Hope y'all are having fun :) 

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    2. Jae Onasi

      Jae Onasi

      Looking forward to having you come back!

    3. Vorn


      Keep moving forward!!

    4. Neo


      See you when you get back, buddy! 

  10. /waves excitedly at Hellary!

    1. Hellary Ren

      Hellary Ren

      /waves back

      Hiii! ^~^

  11. So in a few hours I'll be coming back to my military duties, which means dissapearing from the Internet for unknown time again. Well, not interly uknown, surely in about 9 months and 9 days I'll be back 100%, but between that probably won't be too manywindows.

    Thanks everyone for a fun time, I especially missed raiding in SWTOR. Enjoyed new story and did not bad in past week's Conquest. I'll miss you! :) 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Elisel


      Was awesome you got some time with your RoH fam.  Best of luck and hope to see you very soon :)

    3. joshhamm


      Sorry i could not be on to play with you. Been a bit busy the past few days. Be safe Hellary :) 

    4. Vorn


      Absolutely great getting to visit with you.  Stay safe.  Hope things go well for you and you don't deploy.

  12. OK! I have my laptop, not bad Internet so far and I will be able to play SWTOR once I've downloaded all of 5.10 + fixes of it. 
    Not fully back, of course, I'm around at least until January 10, and if I'm super lucky, this might extend to 14th. 

    Can't wait to turn my Trooper into traitor and play with all of you again ^-^ 
    BTW thank you @Neo for that ref link! It worked :) 


    1. Neo


      Welcome back for the time being, Hellary. We look forward to playing with you again. :) 

    2. Elisel


      Awesome to hear you will have a bit of time to play with everyone.

    3. joshhamm


      Welcome Back :)  

  13. I know I can't join in-game for like ten more months because of my military service, but honestly this is awesome how it's growing, and I hope it will continue doing so. I had loads of fun playing it, and I guess I'll have to change my evil ways and make a Hero character, when I return. Wishing all the best!