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  1. It's almost 4 years in RoH. 
    I've been very distant in pretty much everything and barely interacting with people recently - I'm deeply sorry for that, especially before people I appreciate the most here. Speaking of which:


    @Neo, @Merliah two one of the best and first people I had the pleasure of calling friends here. Just wanted to say I always had a blast being around you both (I'll never stop saying that :D 


    @SilentTheGray The credit for behind the scenes encoragement cannot be undersaid enough. Thank you for listenning to my worry filled thoughts sometimes and being one of the reasons I came to GW2 events, despite how distant I am. ✨


    @Azilori Always a pleasure to interact! Thank you for listening to my random rambles about life or in-game things, and especially help during tough times. ✨


    @Pupp, @Elisel Special shout out to two most welcoming people for really helpful comments whenever I wrote a SU. It's hard to find words sometimes, but it helps a lot ❤️

    Especially Pupp for pinging my meme in gw2 chat, it's my proudest moment of 2020 ^~^

    Many more to mention, sorry I didn't include everyone. It would be a very long list >.< 
    I'm glad to be part of this big family, where I found such wonderful people.

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    2. Pupp


      It's always a treat to have you in a text channel, see your posts, or have you in voice. You're fun and awesome to have around. Also your memes are 10/10 always hits 😛 ❤️
      Always here for you and lots of love! 

    3. SilentTheGray


      Hellary you are amazing, don't change

    4. joshhamm


      From the little bit of interactions we had a while back during those datacron hunts and the conversations we have had about different things, i can say you are a great person to play with. Your a great person @Hellary Ren May that never change :) 

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