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  1. Ugh!.. It's gonna be so unsatisfying to watch new story for SWTOR on YouTube - instead of me actually playing it and making my own choices. I don't play 100% LS/DS characters, so first watch won't match Lliara's choices. T-T 
    BTW Happy Life Day RoH! Lots of fun events happens during this time, so I hope a good number of people are active in-game. I wish you awesome upcoming holidays.


    Love, Hellary ❤️

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    2. Neo


      It will take me a couple more years before I reach 6.0 content. After all, I'm still on KOTFE, Hellary. :D 


      Happy Life Day to you too! :D 

    3. Hellary Ren

      Hellary Ren

      Hopefully this game will live long enough for you to finally leave Alderan. :p

    4. Kamillus


      I will try and not spoil too much of the story

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