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  1. Happy birthday!!!! ^~^

  2. It's almost 4 years in RoH. 
    I've been very distant in pretty much everything and barely interacting with people recently - I'm deeply sorry for that, especially before people I appreciate the most here. Speaking of which:


    @Neo, @Merliah two one of the best and first people I had the pleasure of calling friends here. Just wanted to say I always had a blast being around you both (I'll never stop saying that :D 


    @SilentTheGray The credit for behind the scenes encoragement cannot be undersaid enough. Thank you for listenning to my worry filled thoughts sometimes and being one of the reasons I came to GW2 events, despite how distant I am. ✨


    @Azilori Always a pleasure to interact! Thank you for listening to my random rambles about life or in-game things, and especially help during tough times. ✨


    @Pupp, @Elisel Special shout out to two most welcoming people for really helpful comments whenever I wrote a SU. It's hard to find words sometimes, but it helps a lot ❤️

    Especially Pupp for pinging my meme in gw2 chat, it's my proudest moment of 2020 ^~^

    Many more to mention, sorry I didn't include everyone. It would be a very long list >.< 
    I'm glad to be part of this big family, where I found such wonderful people.

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    2. Pupp


      It's always a treat to have you in a text channel, see your posts, or have you in voice. You're fun and awesome to have around. Also your memes are 10/10 always hits 😛 ❤️
      Always here for you and lots of love! 

    3. SilentTheGray


      Hellary you are amazing, don't change

    4. joshhamm


      From the little bit of interactions we had a while back during those datacron hunts and the conversations we have had about different things, i can say you are a great person to play with. Your a great person @Hellary Ren May that never change :) 

  3. Sorry I missed it! I was working a lot last few days T-T

    1. Jaark


      It is okay! Thank you for the wishes! I hope you are doing well though! :)


  5. Good news!
    *wow, those don't often happen in my SUs*

    Should be starting to work from Monday/Tuesday. It's post office operator job - nothing special, but after months of people just not giving me a chance it's at least something. Being able to help my parents with debts sounds nice.

    The day I got a call telling me to bring documents, me being awful at handling anxiety - started having tremors for like 1/3 of the day. Hopefully I won't be kicked out. 
    So, ✨yay✨

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    2. Neo


      Yay Hellary!! I’m glad you’re getting this opportunity! Good luck with it, I know you’ll do amazing! ❤️

    3. Elisel


      Yay @Hellary Ren - and agree with Vorn!  Anyone would be lucky to have you on their team!

    4. joshhamm


      I know im late to this update but good luck @Hellary Renyou should be fine :).

    Miss playing with you more. :c

    1. Vorn


      Thanks, Hellary!!!  I miss gaming with you!!!!

  7. Miss you... 🥺

    U old ;) 

  9. ✨ Little SU ✨
    No job, almost out of money and my mental health is a mess. 
    Tomorrow will have 2 or 3 job interviews, so there's that. 
    If you ever saw me deleting my own comments or posts - sorry about that. I overthink stuff:




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    2. Nabetse


      Hello Hellary, I haven't had the pleasure to meet you yet but I wish you the best of luck.
      I know it's not easy, I've been there,  you'll get out of this!

    3. joshhamm


      Life is rough for everyone right now buddy... But it will get better it has to. All i can say is good luck with those interviews, sooner or later you'll be hired. Hopefully sooner.

    4. Azzareth


      Hey buddy,  hang in there.

  10. Happy Birthday!!! ^-^

    1. Princess


      THANK YOU!! 😃

  11. 2000 points!!!!
    Thank you!!!! 

  12. Happy Birthday!!!! \o/

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ^-^

    1. Merredith


      Thank you so much!!!

  14. Happy Birthday our Lord and Emperor of the land @Telana!!! 

    Let us show our appreciation for your work through double notifications of the same thing by  using tags :D


    Enjoy your day and hope it's gonna be wonderful! ^~^

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 80!!!! ^-^
    *hope you haven't forgotten me T-T* 

    1. Aedi Lanigiro

      Aedi Lanigiro

      Never Hellary!

  16. AAAAAAAAAH! It's Azi's birthday! 

    *wait, you're younger than me? I feel so old now at 20* 

    Happy happy birthday, friend!!!! ^~^

    1. Azilori


      Thank you thank you ❤️ 

  17. Happy Birthday @Jarkuta! ^-^

  18. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MERL!!! I hope you'll have an amazing day!
    Come to GW2 events or in voice chat in there more often! ^-^

    1. Merliah


      Thanks Hellary! And I sometimes do, but its usually late lol 😛 

  19. I deleted my post as I felt it was unnecessary and just kind out of nowhere. >~<

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    2. Pupp


      I missed the post as well, but I want you to know that we're all here to support you through any tough times! We're here to listen if you want to talk too. I hope all is well ♥

    3. Telana




      Stay strong, @Hellary Ren, and know that through challenging times, you have a virtual family that is here for you. ❤️ 

    4. Elisel


      What Telana said; stay strong Hellary. You are one of the best of us. So glad you are a part of RoH!

  20. I have lots of job interviews to go though this week. Really nervous and anxious.  
    Wish me luck! 9.6

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    2. Telana


      All the best of luck, @Hellary Ren!   You’re gonna do great! 

    3. Annamika


      Good luck, I am sure you will do great!

    4. Neo


      Good luck Hellary!

  21. Aww, it's your birthday!
    Miss seeing you around in SWTOR more. Happy Birthday!!!

    1. Neo


      Thanks Hellary! Miss playing with you too. :(

  22. New design asks for new profile and cover photo with an early festive mood!! 

    tenor (1).gif

  23. 4 months and 15 days until I'll be back home fully

    Once in awhile I get the chance to come home for around 10 hours. I  also have enough stories and complains to sound like an old men, but in twenties. A little sad to see SWTOR getting updates soooo slow (I mean c'mon, I played last update in December and the new one is just coming out). Hopelly the expansion brings enough new stuff for everyone to enjoy. 

    Can't wait to come back! ^~^

    1. Neo


      Hey Hellary, glad you're doing well! Only 4 months and a half to go before you come home. Keep it up, we'll see you then! ❤️ 

    2. Azilori


      Can't wait to see you my friend!! ❤️ 

  24. 4+ months in - 7 more and 2 weeks to go 
    Everything is going well. Hope y'all are having fun :) 

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    2. Jae Onasi

      Jae Onasi

      Looking forward to having you come back!

    3. Vorn


      Keep moving forward!!

    4. Neo


      See you when you get back, buddy!