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  1. Happy Birthday Vyrigan!!! ^-^

  2. Just finished watching GIFTED. 
    6/10 as a TV show. 
    8.5/10 as a show for nerds like me, who love-love-love that sweet comic book lore brought to life. 
    #triplets <--- best character btw 


  3. Fellow artists, how you motivate yourself to draw? 
    For almost a year I'm in this weird state of not being able to draw anything. I open up my sketchbook, look at old drawings and other art, and yet nothing. Any advice is helpful, as I'm really desperate to bring my flame back. 

    1. Siscia


      I don't draw, but I do write, and having taken art courses as well as writing courses, I think it's similar:


      In order to write, I need to experience things that inspire me. In order to draw, you should look for things that inspire YOU. Have experiences, pay attention to nature, read new stories and study small details that you can find interest and beauty in. The more you look with an artist's eye and listen with an artist's ear and imagine with an artist's mind, the more inspiration you'll have.


      And then... put pencil to paper and draw anything. Doodle, if you need to. Start with what's in front of you, simple as it might be. The *act* of creating can spur a lot more creativity.


      I hope this helps. :) 

  4. Iron Fist Season 2 Spoiler Free Mini-Review

    First season was hilariously bad. I know some think it was ok, but no... it really REALLY wasn't. So is season 2 better? Depending on what you expect I guess. I think it's a hell of a lot better, but if I had to recommend Netflix superhero show - it would be far down in the list. 

    It's an ok action superhero season. It's not bad. Its not amazing. If you want a nice chill watch about magical Kung Fu people - go ahead. It has nice action/acting, solid story, slows down a bit after episode 5 and picks up after 8.

    It's definitely an improved show. Btw, guy who plays Ward is just great. probably my favorite season 1 character and he shines even more here. 

    Final score: 6/10

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    2. Hellary Ren

      Hellary Ren

      Just make a show about Knight/Wing and Danny/Ward. It would be great. :D 

    3. joshhamm


      @Hellary Ren Now we wait for Daredevil Season 3. Hopefully its just as good as the others :D 


    4. Hellary Ren

      Hellary Ren

      @joshhamm btw, judging by Season 3 teaser of Daredevil, he migt go full dark, so we can have Dark Cage AND Daredevil. If next Defenders will be JJ/IF vs LG/DD - that would kinda cool. :p 

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  5. Happy Birthday!!! ^_^

  6. Happy Birthday Empress! ^-^

  7. I'm two years old now - yay! 
    Two wonderful years in RoH. I haven't even talked a few months ago. Now I lead people thru random PvE content on fridays. Not much to say as I feel there was quite a few shoutout posts from me.
    Just, thank you all for being awesome! :) 

    1. Neo


      Congratulations on 2 years! I will be there soon coming December! 


      You've grown so much from when I first met you! Well, maybe not so much when it comes to me (you are still rude to me >.>) but hey you've gotten so much more open with us... your online family! ❤️

    2. joshhamm


      Congratulations Buddy. we are happy your here :) 

  8. Spoilers to @Hippy's karaoke night

  9. Happy Birthday!!! ^-^

  10. I have this long text file on my laptop with 12(so far) random ideas for content in SWTOR and no clue what to do with it, besides proudly contemplating on it with a cup of coffee.


  11. Happy Birthday Jaark! ^-^


  12. Watch RWBY Volume 6: Adam Character Short - it's absolutely amazing!
    I know last two volume were not up the par with first three, BUT this... this looks good.


  13. Happy Birthday Rye! ^-^

    giphy (4).gif

  14. So, ehm, sorry I need to throw this somewhere. 
    My father came into my room today a few minutes after SWTOR's SMOPs. He loadly expressed that I can't call people friends, if "you don't see them face to face and can't be next to you". Said that "if I'm not american - it means I can't have friends from there". Blamed me for mandatory year in military delay. "This is virtual people - not real. You just know them, but they aren't real." 

    I'm very sorry for such a depressing status update.

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    2. Siscia


      My parents used to say the same thing. And then I married a guy I met in an MMO. We have an adorable 4-year-old daughter. And my parents changed their minds about "internet people." Now, that's not what always happens... just saying. Have some patience with your parents but be your own person and make the choices that are best for YOU.

    3. Hippy


      My parents used to be that way as well. Growing up I had a lot of IRL friends but nothing beat my friends I made playing online. It wasn't until I went to a little meet up my group of 15 had and we all got to hang out in person did my parents realize that they weren't just "online" people I spoke to but they were actual people. Those guys are my best friends and whenever one of us gets married we all plan to come to that wedding no matter what is going on. 


      Hellary don't stress over what your dad says too much. We all are one big happy community and we all are proud to call you our friend. 

    4. Elisel


      Everyone has said anything I could say even better, @Hellary Ren


      Unfortunately many who have not experienced the bonds created in online guilds, especially one such as ours, have difficulty in comprehending those bonds can be as real as the face to face friends we have.  Both are very important and fill different needs.  I have seen how close you are with Neo, Merliah, many of us, and I would, by any definition, count that as true friendship. And I would suggest that separate countries and different cultures only make your online friends even cooler.  An old maxim is that one must travel to truly open your mind.  That's kind of what we do now, developing relationships with people from all over the world through RoH. 


      Hugs to you @Hellary Ren :) 

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  15. Happy Birthday! ^-^

    1. Phoenix


      Thank you Hellary 💕

  16. Happy Birthday! ^-^

    1. Spacewalker


      \o/ Happy Birthday, Passi!

  17. Happy Birthday! ^-^

  18. Time for a new avatar! :cool:

    Art drawn by Crydiaa

  19. Just a few things from a few hours on EU's most populated at the time RP realm of WoW. I was involved in:

    • telling and listening to stories about Satan in storage room under inn, followed up by summoning of the woofer cop(wolfcop), who was eventually banished for blasphemy;
    • family drama between wife, husband, his mistress, a kid and another seven woman, who came out of nowhere;
    • lessons about Roleplay and life;
    • fishing with songs from S.T.A.L.K.E.R.;
    • praising of nekos.

    Overall I enjoy my first days in WoW 
    P.S. this pic here is just for lolz. Dun judge meh :p 

    1. Neo


      Have you seen that anime? It's my favorite of all-time. :) 



    2. Hellary Ren

      Hellary Ren

      Nope, I see more memes of anime, than actual anime. 
      I only watched.. one or two series fully. I don't know why I haven't seen more :c

  20. Casual week of Conquest in the biggest group I've ever been.