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  1. Happy Birthday @Jae Onasi
    I hope, you'll have the best day ever! :P 

  2. Happy Birthday!!! 


    1. Tallon


      Thank you very much


  3. I was desperate to find a worthy 'Happy Birthday' meme for our RP God, but the Internet or my imagination couldn't come up with anything, so here's a joke: 
      - What do you call a cooked Wookie?



      - A cookie!... pls kill me

                                                   Happy Birthday Vil!


    1. Vil


      Thanks Hellary!!! Much Awesomeness there!

  4. I. Love. Internet!  :D 


    1. joshhamm


      Everyone loves internet. But a lot of us can say the internet can be extremely expensive for gaming and downloading :).

  5. It's already saying, that your Birthday is today, so I'm on time, by my time with this.  :P
    Happy Birthday Eli! 
    Wish you all the best things in the galaxy and stay positive for more years to come. ^-^ 

    1. Elisel


      Oooohh  how did you know that is Eli's favorite ship!!  And Han Solo too - the best <3

  6. Good news for me, a vacation out of nowhere came up, so from 10th to 21th of October I'll be mostly free. That means, I can try out every event of SWTOR, without any time limit problems. Will I do it 100%? Honestly, I don't know, but can't miss that oppotumity.  :P 
    Wanna do a cool looking Jedi too during this time, so any tips for good Sets/Weapons only welcomed. 

    1. Zaifos


      "Because Jedi shouldn't look like the Queen of Naboo" - LMAO that meme made my day, I thank you for it my good friend. xD

    2. Hellary Ren

      Hellary Ren

      @Zaifos I found it a while back and waited my moment to use it. :D 

    3. joshhamm


      Nice @Hellary Ren Hope you have fun. I've been to pre-occupied as of late to get on. Enjoy your time off :) .

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  7. GW2 and me! :D
    I recently discovered, that I can try out GW2 without paying any money. Apparently, it's a 'thing' for more than a year. SWTOR is good, but at this moment it offers either, things I already did multiple times, or, things I don't want to do/can't cuz my PC is stupid. I needed something new and fresh, and oh boy, I've seen GW2 being used as a good example of MMORPG a lot. 
    It's my third day into the game, made friends and already lvl 22 Engineer. Having a blast so far! (No gun-pun intended) 
    Gameplay and my character's story created this analogy: 'it's like if Witcher and Fable had a baby'. 
    Character created by me, resembles traits of my two most favorite characters in SWTOR(except the green skin :c). Two pistols, gadgets, stylish look and charm from Hellary Ren. Noble blood, white hair with ponytails, beautiful eye color and desire to save people from Lliara Grant. ^-^
    Not leaving SWTOR. Just playing one more game and eager get to know more RoH members from another division.  :P 
    *so proud of my creation* 


    1. Neo


      You mean entertain! >_>


      Its all good, that was only a joke. Just glad you aren't leaving TOR and me!



    2. Hellary Ren

      Hellary Ren

      @Neo Ah dammit, my English skills are still awful. D: 

    3. joshhamm


      @Hellary Ren Not as bad as mine :D. A lot of times i know what i want to say or type but it comes out completly wrong lol.

      Oh Jeez Completely* lol


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  8. Happy birthday our mighty leader!  :D

  9. Happy Birthday, Jaark! 
    I hope, you'll have a wonderful day.  ^-^

  10. Happy Birthday! Hope, your trials go well. :) 

    1. Ignibus


      Hellary Ren, going great so far! Having a blast, thanks for the B-day wishes! :)

  11. Happy Birthday, Phoenix! ^-^ 
    Only the best of wishes to you!  
    P.S. (oh, wow, I'm only 21 days younger, than you) :P 

  12. Happy birthday! ^-^

  13. Happy birthday! I hope you'll have the best day ever, followed by even better years.  :D