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  1. I know I can't join in-game for like ten more months because of my military service, but honestly this is awesome how it's growing, and I hope it will continue doing so.  

    I had loads of fun playing it, and I guess I'll have to change my evil ways and make a Hero character, when I return. 


    Wishing all the best! :)

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  2. 1. Jessica Jones
    Simply put, I enjoyed every second of this show. I didn't want it to end from the start of the first episode, and was happy to see every time multiple episodes ahead to watch. 
    Diving into the world of Private Investigator, where she faces with something impossible to prove or get easy justice was a blast. I was going in completely blind and didn't see any trailers. That's why I don't wanna tell anything about what's happening in the show. It has this amazing feel and look, surprisingly being a good show in general even, if you take out superhero element. It will always be 10/10 show for me.
    Here's a little piece of it's magic:

    2. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson (1979, Soviet Union)
    A little surprise out of nowhere, and probably, a good hint into, what kind of stories I'm into. The classic Sherlock Holmes. Ah, I remember watching it after reading a book, as a kid. It was amazing! If you didn't see the series or heard of it, but a fan of Sherlock Holmes - you must likely heard Theme of this show somewhere. I don't need to explain why these stories are awesome, but I do need to recommend you this show, to experience, imo, one of the best takes on classic Sherlock Holmes on screen.
    Main soundtrack:  

    3. Star Wars The Clone Wars (2008) + parts of Star Wars Rebels
    I grew up with this show. I've become a big fan of Star Wars because of it, for which, I can't be grateful enough. I wanted to learn English, so I could understand the original and watch it early, without stupid dubs, who translated 60% of things wrong, or oversimplifying it for the sake of simplification. This show holds everything amazing about Star Wars. It's one of these cases, where I can talk forever about how good it is.  This led to Clone Wars Adventures. My first ever online game, which wasn't perfect at all, but it was something special, that always will stay in my heart. 
    If you a Star Wars fan and desperately want good stories, with awesome characters, where they represented well - give this show a try. Something, that happens in Star Wars Rebels, is on the level with Luke vs Vader in tearms of emotion and epicness, because of the Clone Wars. Rebels just finish up sand bring the epic end for some characters, and it must be here, as it's part of the Clone Wars - not really Rebels.
    I wanted to put a more intriguing piece of music, but many things scream spoilers, and I don't wanna do that, so I'll just hope, my recommendation will pay off for you. 


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