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  1. That's our new Guild Hall? Cool!
  2. Happy Birthtday Dom!!!!!!!!

    1. Dom


      Thanks Chap! 

  3. Shant

    Happy Birthday Dom! Best wishes and i hope you have a great day! :) 

    1. Dom


      Obrigado @Shant!


      So...when are you coming back to ESO? ;)


    2. Shant


      Not any time soon my dude. Still feeling the worst of the crisis here. No money to get morrowind :( 

    3. Dom


      Yeah, understandable.

      Hope this will get resolved sooner rather than later.


      Take care! :banana_smiley_16:

  4. Tallon

    Hope you have a day full of lots of good things.


    1. Dom


      Thank you, thank you!

      Now, let's open all these gifts! ;) 

  5. Guest

    • Guest
    • Dom

    Happy Name Day!

    1. Dom


      Thanks Bean!


      Actually, today in Quebec is also the "Noël des campeurs" (i.e. Campers' Christmas) since it's exactly 6 months after Christmas...some crazy peeps are doing this:


      Cannot be more kitsch than that!!!!



      This is so :poo:!

    2. Guest


      ...Now I want to buy a caravan, move to Canada, and start a Camper's Halloween...

    3. Dom


      Trick or treat!


  6. Happy 4th of July to my Southern neighboUrs!


    May your national day be filled with maple syrup and poutine! :D


    *Raising my arm to protect myself for rocks thrown at me*

  7. Dom

    • Dom
    • Guest

    Holy cr.... ;)


    After all these times where you were writing "Hello caffeinated peeps", etc.

    I JUST realized that "senorblackbean" is a reference to COFFEE!!!! All these times I was thinking "senor + black bean, oh sounds like Mexican food!"


    I now feel like a 4-year old who just finished his 10-piece puzzle! 


    It took some time but the Dwemer gears in my brain finally went into motion!!! :D 

    (Battery not included)


    So I guess you're not the proud owner of:

  8. Dom

    Elder Scrolls Online

    Any types of screenshots taken by RoH members playing ESO.
  9. Dom


    How can you detect that just by looking at her eyes????
  10. Congrats! Never tried Dragonstar so far. I'll finish Morrowind quests and then check more vMA....but...where do you get the time to play? :( I wake up, then I go to work, then I go training (3x) then it's time to go to bed...Maybe I should stop sleeping!
  11. We do we have only 24 hours in a day??? I don't have enough time for working, playing game, training and caring for my wife all together!

    Maybe I should quit work? ;)



  12. Happy birthday Xenu!

    Meh, just 30? :laugh: