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  1. until

    DPS or Heals if needed.
  2. until

    I never did Dxun with Poje my main, if there's an healer spot, i would come.
  3. until

  4. until

    GJ on the OPS guys. For my 1st OPS i did in a while, it was fun!
  5. until

    Im bored, i can DPS!
  6. Poje

    16 man Eternity Vault SMOP OR VMOPS RUN


    I can DPS or Heal is needed.
  7. until

    Can you remove my name from the list? Thx.
  8. until

    I wont be there finaly, GL guys!
  9. until

    Ive put in Maybe, only if you dont have enough to make it. Im not in love with that OPS.
  10. until

    I thought about it this week and i don't want to Tank for Prog. It seemed like a good idea at 1st, but it was mostly to help you guys fill a hole that was needed. I tanked a couple of times this week and if im honest with myself, i do it only to help and i have no joy when doing it. So, i will be available as a Healer for PROPS like always and i've proven my strenght in the past, but if no spot are open right now i will wait as a backup. Poje
  11. Poje

    PROPS Gearing


    Sorry guys, but i will not be there tonight, i think i played too much the last few days, im too tired. Gnite and GL!
  12. Poje

    PROPS Gearing


    I can come to help if needed! Btw the best way would be to do 3x Hammer station finish the weekly, then switch gear to an alt, then do another 3x Hammer station finish the weekly, ect... @Katalaw if you could read the mail i sent you, it would be nice, thx!
  13. until

    Thx @Sayuri but its too late at night for me, GL!
  14. until

    DPS or Heals!
  15. until

    Btw guys i have the Entertainer set, so you guys were supposed to be higher in stats. I did my best as a Tank, but of course my speciality is healin! Anyway, gnite!
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