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  1. Poje

    PROPS General Discussion

    Well you guys know that im not available in the Summer, but that's because i work too many hours and never know when i will be done. (Except Sunday) But if you guys would be willing to play on the Sunday afternoon or early at night, like begin at 18h00 eastern, i could play all year FTW!
  2. Poje

    PROPS General Discussion

    I wish you guys a good night! Im now a Casual player until December, back to my work schedule. I hope RoH will continue to grow and evolve, especialy PROPS! Cyall.
  3. Poje

    PROPS General Discussion

    I'll check at 19h00 eastern time, if we dont have a full grp, i will take it as a fail. I dont want to do like Tuesday and wait until 21h30 to start, lol.
  4. Poje

    PROPS General Discussion

    Im in. Its my last night, would be nice to finish the new boss. From what i ear tho, its no joke, so i think we gonna need all night to do it, unless we get lucky.
  5. Poje

    PROPS General Discussion

    Just tag everyone and see who wanna come?
  6. Poje

    PROPS General Discussion

    @Phoenix are we doing Scyva and Izax tonight? If yes, would be nice to setup something in advance.
  7. Poje

    PROPS General Discussion

    We are 5 right now for new Boss , need more! Tag : @Tyrlo + @Sayuri + @Katalaw + @Orig Wrangler
  8. Poje

    PROPS General Discussion

    Im with @Phoenix in TS, all that can log on right now do so plz.
  9. Poje

    PROPS General Discussion

    Btw im gonna wait until 20h30, after that, im gonna try to find something to do
  10. Poje

    PROPS General Discussion

    Ya, @Jae Onasi and @Neo are online And btw guys., if you have a copy on Imp side of a decent toon, i could have a last boss lockout for the new Boss!
  11. Poje

    PROPS General Discussion

    @Phoenix ?
  12. Poje

    PROPS General Discussion

    Do the best you can @Phoenix can't ask for more then that. Looking foward to tonight tho, my last night of the season, doing GoTM's new boss!
  13. Poje

    PROPS General Discussion

    Hey @Phoenix the Prog Sheet doesnt have the 13th of march in it.
  14. Poje

    PROPS General Discussion

    We talked about that last week and the problem is that we would need to Prog ALL the bosses in HM 1st, since we never did them and they are not easy, so i dont think we would get enough time to practice and be good enough to get there.
  15. Poje

    PROPS General Discussion

    I dont know, but i'll be there soon.

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