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  1. Right now I don’t think we have anything on the forums. We really do encourage our members to join our discord. In there we have people provide both in game name as well as forum name. I know this isn’t your preferred method to receive information, but because we have members in the fc that aren’t in RoH that is the best place to provide info for all. It becomes redundant to post in both places. If you are interested in getting the discord link just let me know.
  2. This calls for a response from me. Yes. You are right, I haven’t been recruiting and that is largely due to the fact that the Stormblood MSQ is killing my motivation to even log on. It’s just not my cup of tea. Also, with regard to running roulettes, the last time I ran them was with you and Goodsby and Zhaydin (I don’t do them as often as I should). You are right, we have drifted off the mark and I shall try to explain my mindset as to why else this happened. We posted the “Manifesto” and some of the stuff in there needed to be reworked. It sat unresolved for a little while within leadership until I deemed that we should forgo the application entirely as it’s unfriendly to newcomers and leave the “vetting process” behind the scenes. Making it known to new members that a vetting process is occurring. I made like one post in Limsa (received no tells) and went on my merry way. My aforementioned burnout happened soon after. I very much intend to return and continue my recruitment work, I just lost touch with it for a moment. Also, In order for us to successfully recruit, we need to offer something special. Something that makes us stand out. We are too small for most people to care about so we need that extra pizazz to draw potential members to us. This does bring up another important thing. It isn’t just leadership that needs to step up to make this FC work. Yes, we have a few motivated members such as you and Zhaydin, who are really pulling their weight and bringing it together, but it is a team. When Hygelak suggested a fun little activity to try and garner some presence on the server, hardly anyone stood up to assist. There was some miscommunication and some things done that leadership wasn’t super keen on that just took the wind out of our sails. We need to all come together and donate some of our time to make this FC the best it can be. Even if it doesn’t benefit our own selves directly. I guess, we haven’t seen a lot of this from others. It also doesn’t help that we have core players all over the place, on different servers and yes, we understand that not everyone wants to move or can financially do so. What really bothers us is when new members from RoH who know we are on Malboro are creating characters on other servers because they can’t make one on our server at the exact time they are trying. You can make characters on our server at off peak times. Yes, we have a cwl but it makes the FC on Malboro appear dead, which looks terrible for new members. Recruitment will help, but we won’t retain anyone at this rate. Our current members, those that make RoH who we are, are not being great role models right now, I included. To boil it down, it doesn’t seem like many here actually care if we grow or not and you know what, that’s just down right discouraging for all of us. I will return to my recruitment duties, but I need help from everyone to make people want to stay!
  3. Thank you @Matatomi and @Zhaydin. To be honest, I’m not in love with it and my confidence in being able to RP in isn’t very high. We shall see.
  4. I have finally come up with something! Here's a few paragraphs about Liluin Minkira. I decided to write it in first person, you know, to practice being her for a bit. To be honest, this premise sounded better in my head, but here it is anyway! My name is Liluin Minkira, but family and close friends call me Lily. Yes, like the flower. I’m 24 years old and I was born in the Black Shroud. I stood out amongst the rest of my brethren. My light fur and complexion were a bit rare, I suppose. I never felt estranged from any of them because of this, which I am thankful for. Some older members of my community would think that my pale pallor was a blessing from Menphina herself. I know this not to be true, however. It is just a fluke of genetics. While I honor our Gods, I am by no means a fanatic. I had a bow in hand since I can remember. I loved the freedom of the hunt and running through the Twelveswood under the light of our moons. I enjoyed reading and art, and I still pursue these hobbies to this day. I developed the ability to use magic later in my youth. My time in the forest also taught me a lot about plant life and I used that knowledge to develop my abilities in alchemy. After the Calamity 5 years ago, these interests soon began to take up a lot more of my time. My friends and family were separated in the chaos after the Calamity struck. After being driven from my home, I used the after to assist with the wounded and those in need. It kept me busy and focused in such a turbulent period. As restoration began, and things slowly settled back down, I decided not to return home. After seeing the world outside the forest, I knew I had to explore it further. I met up with others along the journey and soon a Trading Company was born. So, it's pretty generic, but that means there's a lot of room to grow. Thanks for reading!
  5. After much discussion amongst leadership, it was decided that we needed to take steps to become more active and organized as an FC before we could make any effort towards division-hood. We thought it would be a good idea to share with everyone our plans moving forward. First off, we will be focusing on increasing our membership and frequency of FC activities. Below is a break down of what we have come up with and we encourage you to read through and add any additional input you may have. We are open to any and all suggestions. FFXIV is such a wonderful game and sharing the experience with current and future RoH members is super important. Recruitment First, and probably most importantly is our need to actively recruit from within our server and/or Data Center. We need more players to do more things, folks! We will be using an abbreviated version of the RoH application process and trial member period when recruiting new members. That way, if we should become a full division, those that choose to remain with us, will have an idea what is expected of them while going through the real Trial member process. Below you will see the questions (taken from the RoH application) that I feel will give us a good feel for members. Please let me know if there are any questions that should be added or removed. Also, take note that we added a question at the end to see if the applicant will be willing to go through the full application and trial process if we should become a full Division within RoH. Character Name: Discord Name: Age: Preferred Pronoun: Server: Time Zone: Have you read the CoC and do you agree to follow it? Upon joining HOPE you are expected to maintain a mature and friendly demeanor to everyone in-game. What does maturity mean to you and do you feel that you can remain civil even with the most negative of players? What five adjectives, and only 5, would you use to describe yourself? Have you been in other FCs/guilds before? If so what are you favorite and least favorite things about them. RoH houses players that enjoy all aspects of the game. Crafting, PvE, RP etc. Which do you enjoy the most and why? Hypothetically, the servers are closing down in 24 hours, permanently. How would you like to spend the last bit of time in the game? The FFXIV section is currently unsupported by the official Remnants of Hope gaming community. Our ultimate goal is to officially join the community in the near future. Are you willing to re-apply through official channels when the time comes? Recruitment Process This is how I see the recruitment process going: We will post a recruitment message in forums, crystal data center discord, and in general chat to gather interest. Players can PM me either in game or through discord. The link to the application will be sent to them to complete or they can access it from our discord FC welcome channel. A link to the application responses will be available for leadership to review. The application will undergo voting. Once everyone has voted, the member will be added to FC and the trial period will begin. We will observe the new member and evaluate them on how active they are on both Discord and in Game. We will suggest participation in 2 events as is required in RoH. Once the two week trial period is completed, we can come together and discuss full membership. I don’t see the need for a full interview at this time, but the RO will check in with the trial member and make sure everything is going well and gather feedback. Events So, how are we going to get people interested in joining us? We have to have something special if we are going to be making players go through such a recruitment process.The results of the brief survey done on the RoH forums awhile back indicated that the majority of our players are interested in PvE with a secondary activity being gathering/crafting. We brainstormed some activities and events that players of all levels can participate in. So far they are as follows: PvE Roulettes Deep Dungeons Hunting Logs Hunts Treasure Maps Fate Trains PvP (if there is interest) RP Lore Nights RP Events Parties at the FC House Gathering/Crafting Gathering Contests for fun prizes Misc. Glamour Contests Decorating Contest (Housing contests) These are just some ideas. Please let us know if you have any other fun ideas to add to this list. We hope to have at least 1 to 2 varied events each week. If anyone would like to lead any of these events, please let one of the officers know. :D Misc As our FC grows, we will open up Officership to anyone interested and perform an election to have a designated officer for Recruitment, PvE, Crafting/Gathering, and if there is interest, PvP. We can then determine if Division hood is the next logical step and move on from there. In the meantime, we aim to use Discord as our main means of communication of news and events for the FC. This is in large part due to recruiting members outside of RoH. So if you haven’t already, please join our unofficial RoH FFXIV discord channel at https://discord.gg/N4JGH6K. You must ?sign the CoC section in order to have full access. Thank you for reading. Again, please feel free to add your input. We want to see this community grow and it will take everyone of us to make it happen. :D
  6. This is soo good! I love the angsty backstory for this guy. Did Archibald damage his eye, hence the eye patch or is that just for show? I'll have to work on mine now.
  7. This is mine! Of course Zhaydin has is spear out! >.<
  8. Yay!!! I still have to look at the group shots I took. I’ll post here if any of them came out okay.
  9. I just started playing in April and I'm loving it! I went from Summoner to Red Mage the moment I hit 50. They say it's one of the easiest jobs to pick up the basics for. I love it! Just...use Displacement sparingly unless you like jumping off platforms like me. >.< (It just looks so cool when you do it though!!!)
  10. Hi @Anan! Thanks for the wonderful post to the rest of RoH. It's almost like you read our minds as we are working out kinks right now to get more active and more members to later work towards division-hood. Here is the discord link so you can join us over there! I've added it in my comment to your other post as well. https://discord.gg/N4JGH6K
  11. I agree with this wholeheartedly. It's evident that interest in FFXIV within the RoH community waxes and wanes. We have made an effort to get members from outside and have received a couple inquires, but they have led nowhere. There is the issue that many are looking for a FC with many active players that participates in end game content. While we are more active now, we don't have many on at once that can participate in current content making our our FC less desirable. My thought was that in becoming a full division, we would be able to offer potential members the entire RoH community which definitely differentiates us from other FCs and could draw in some potential players to grow our FFXIV community.
  12. @Zhaydin! Yay! I will remove the maybe next to your name then!
  13. @Serenitee started the discussion so I’m sure she’s in as well. Any others not listed who are game to assist please let us know here. So far that’s @Xyain, @Droghan, @Zhaydin, and Me. I’d be interested in seeing if @Goodsby and @Hygelak would be interested as they are very active in the FC.
  14. Would it be helpful to get an official list together of those of us willing to spend some time working towards this goal? That way we can either schedule some meetings via discord or get a group message going to get organized and delegate. I just feel like organization is going to be key in making this happen.