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  1. Hey there @Loviotor  Hope you have a great birthday and are doing well!

  2. Perfect or near perfect rotations doesn't matter unless you're a min-maxxer and are specifically looking for extremely high parse. What matters is just having an understanding of the class mechanics so that you can put out a decent quantity of dps. More importantly is to enjoy playing the game, regardless of what class you're playing. I have capped my warrior level, and only use it to do raids and extreme roulettes on the duty finder. I spend the remainder of my time working up Red Mage (which is now level 76 3/4) and next I will likely work on White Mage. Otherwise, I am just enjoying the game and the side-stories that have gone along with the role and class quests for each.
  3. Loviotor on origin...
  4. Hey folks, I'm Loviotor. I am a widower, father, medically retired Army Staff Sergeant, Maintenance Technician for a tech company and a plethora of other things. My hobbies are video games, working with my hands (building, modifying or demolishing anything, from small figures to industrial structures). I am currently in a relationship with my computer. She is a very jealous mistress. I am playing Final Fantasy XIV, primarily, at the moment. I also have presence in SWTOR and have been in both the ESO and GW2 divisions. I've never held an official officer position, but was briefly a member of the website team, until my late-wife fell ill and things in my life went to complete crap. Anyway, Hi all. It's nice to meet you!
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    I hope things are going better this year for you and your family.

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      Praying for yah. Hope things r going well

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