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  1. until

    Even though I wasn't there, glad to hear everything is okay Rama!
  2. until

    I'll still be out of town unfortunately, but good luck! I'll definitely be there next week
  3. until

  4. Happy Birthday Neo!

    1. Neo


      Thanks Aravail!

  5. until

    I'll be around to help out! Don't mind sitting out though if other folks need gear more.
  6. Happy Birthday Ty!

  7. until

    I vote for @Madhatter5510 to tank if she's up for it. I'm 4/6 set bonus pieces on my dps and healing sets, but have 0 tanking gear so far and probably won't have the free time to grind for it for a while. Eventually I'll start going for it to have a backup set, but I want to get my other two sets finished first.
  8. until

    Sorry to hear that Sayuri, I'll be wishing you and Peter the best.
  9. Happy Birthday Glamazon!

  10. until

    I have a dinner party at 6, hopefully will be home in time but I recommend having a backup ready if possible.
  11. Happy Birthday Jae; I hope you have a great one!

  12. Happy Birthday Tyrlo!

    1. Tyrlo


      Aravail! Thanks buddy. Miss you guys.

    2. Aravail


      Miss you too!  We always do a traditional herkadurr at Revanite Commanders in your honor

  13. until

    Miss you too! I can understand that though. Don't be afraid to drop in and say hi in Discord every now and then, while you wait for the swtor itch to strike again!
  14. until

    Thanks @Passiflora! Are you back for the expansion?!
  15. until

    Either option is fine with me