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    A galaxy far, far away.

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    Zoe Kitten (Mercenary), Polyhistor Kitten (Juggernaut), Winter Kitten (Sorcerer), Luna Kitten (Operative), Rina Kitten (Guardian), Meeya Kitten (Sage), Angry Kitten (Vanguard), Bella Kitten (Scoundrel)
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    Vaelyra Akaanad, Vaelyra Darkfury, Lyarra Vale, Alluring Vale
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    Vaelyra Darkfury (Wood Elf Templar)

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  1. until

    I would like to heal if possible.
  2. until

    heals please.
  3. until

    Heals please?
  4. until

    I can heal if you need it.
  5. until

    I had something come up and will not be able to make it to the operation. Sorry about that.
  6. until

    I would like to heal please.
  7. until

    I would love to try and heal this if possible.
  8. until

    I can heal if needed.
  9. until

    i can try to tank or go on heals ... mind you i have never tanked before xD
  10. until

    I can heal if needed. Edit - somethings come up and i cannot make it.
  11. until

    I would like to try to heal it if I can ... I think I've only done this one once so will need some coaching please.
  12. until

    I can come on a healer if needed.
  13. until

    heals please .... I do not remember the uprisings however so if someone more experienced wants to go by all means.
  14. until

    I can make myself a backup for heals if you need it. I'm working on trying to get my guardian up to 70 so I can do more than just heal. xD
  15. until

    i can do backup heals if needed

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