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  1. Let me know when you're on @Jaark my work schedule has been rather hectic. Also if you see me in TS under a Final Fantasy teamspeak room im playing! ask me all the questions. Ive done the vanilla (level 1-50) Story twice now. so im familiar at least with where you are!
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    Akatsuki Rose, The Healer

    Ohhh this is fantastic, wonderfully done @witchbolts , in fact, I would highly encourage everyone interested in Final Fantasy roleplay to use this format. @Matatomi @Zhaydin @chaosdemon122 @midgitary @Julius @Goodsby @MeRB
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    Add me to Raiding, Roleplaying, Dungeons for now
  4. 4,238 Hours, nearly 3 years. That is how long I played Elder Scrolls Online. Easily one of my favorite game franchise's ever and one of my favorite MMO's, even surpassing  World of Warcraft. Under this game, I had the distinct honor to learn from @Armaros and his guiding hand, @Deyna, and his seemingly infinite wisdom, and finally, @Haloa Ohana and her mornings and late night conversations on all things recruiting. Later down the road when ESO was in trouble and @Koro and @Tyrtaeus and @Telana all helped form the backbone of the division's rebirth I found myself overwhelmed with just how much I loved this game. Below, for the ESO peeps, is a culmination of that love, hope you all enjoy! 


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      "infinite wisdom," eh?  maybe I should change my name to Deynapedia as has been suggested in the past.

  5. Continued from Here Recommended listening Here "The Sergeant is wounded we go-aghh!!" "Fall back!" All around her, the screams and pleads of her unit echoed like a dull symphony of death. One by one, the squad she had spent months preparing for this, fell. There was nothing the Miqo'te could do to stop it. Muffled sounds of her own ragged breathing accentuate the dying screams of her comrades as the Garleans circles her like a hunter stalking its prey. "Sir, looks like we captured a live one." one of them calls out. Groaning as blood pours from her ribcage onto the charred ground below her, the Miqo'te looks at her Grimoire lying a foot from her, Yana inhales deeply as she starts crawling towards it. Slowly while the Garlean was distracted, Yana grabs the book as her right hand begins to glow with a bright intensity. Quickly turning around the Garlean doesn't have time to react as a spell is hurtled at a high rate of speed and slams into his chest, gurgling on blood, the man clutches at his throat as the disease she had bestowed on him etches his way through his neck and up his mind to his eyes. The scene illuminated by the fires surrounding them was grizzly as fluids leaked from major openings in the man's head. "Twelve, grant me the strength...to fell those who seek to do us harm this day." she calls out as the equations within her begin to glow. Closing her eyes for a split second she reopens them as she continues to cast the spell and her eyes light up with Aetheric energy. "Fools! Stop her!" a heavily armored Garlean says pointing a gunblade in her direction. This was a fight as much for Eorzea, as it was her life. First, came the visualization of the equation, she needed to buy herself time. the Aetheric shield equation would be first. Next, a distraction. Though weakened, the incantation for the carbuncle could prove to be sufficient enough for her to spread aetheric charged spells to each of the Garleans encircling her. Everything happened faster than the Garleans around could react. The weapon is fired just as the Miqo'te stops nearly complete of the incantation and her hand glows a bright vibrant teal color. Waving her hand in front of her a barrier is constructed seemingly out of nowhere as her eyes burned with aetheric energy and fury. As the bullet meant to claim her life impacts the barrier and breaks into tiny pieces, the Miqote rises to her feet and flips a page and placing a hand on another equation. "I Said stop her!" the Garlean commander says as an Archer nods in obedience leveling an arrow at her chest. As the Arcanist closes her eyes envisioning the equation, she opens her eyes once more with the same closing intensity before throwing her hand forward and a fox-like Carbuncle materializes and charges at the Archer. "Help me, to protect the righteous, and deliver Eorzea, from these monsters.!" she cries tearfully as the arrow breaks the waning barrier like a rock breaking glass and impacts her sternum. Grunting as she falls to her knees and drops the Grimoire, She lifts a bloody hand to the shaft as teleportation magic surrounds her. Ragged breathing and tears streak her face as the mysterious spell activates and then, darkness. One Year Later: Recommend Listening for this section here The bright, vibrant sunlight on the docks make the Miqote smile as she gently kicks her legs to and fro while smiling to sailors and fishermen. Munching on a small piece of bread as they pass she stands up and starts following them to the landing of the boat and putting her hands behind her back. "Mornin gents," she says rocking back and forth on the worn heels of her boots. Wearing a red skirt with thigh-high socks and boots, the white t-shirt, and the entire ensemble made her look quite innocent as the two Midlanders turn and face the Miqo'te smiling. "Mornin lass, are ye lost?" the sailor asks curiously as he starts forward. Still rocking back and forth, Yana shakes her head vigorously. "No, I just figured I would ask if you had aught to spare for food," she says in a polite, carefree manner. Both of the men look at the Miqo'te than to each other before smiling in a sinister manner and moving towards Yana. "Aye, lass, we got some food fer ye. Why don't ye climb aboard?" one asks as he puts his hand on his blade strapped to his waist. Gripping her own blade tightly, the Miqote lunges forward and presses the steel to the man's throat. "Now now, I did naught but ask for food, it's not nice to treat a lady like this," she says shaking her head. As the man goes rigid in fright she smiles and nods before pulling the blade away. "My name is L'Yana Lavan" she says warmly. "Now, where is your food?" ...To be continued @Kyn @Deyna @Matatomi @Zhaydin @T'riss @Goodsby @witchbolts @Vil @Elisel @Julius @Ghost_Wolf @Droghan @Tzunamis Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
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    Im free for the next 72 hours!
  7. From the ashes rises a band of heroes, find out more here: 



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      Love it chap!

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    Reddit asks the real questions

    Psh, Sashtasa is for filthy casuals, gotta run Toto-Rak solo to be a pro
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    Extreme Primal Run Nights

    Just hit 50 tonight will be up for this in a couple weeks Also something to keep in mind, 4.5 is bringing out the whole server swap thing, so its not impossible to say i could bring Allie from Balmung to Mateus for these runs and than go back after. Though now that Yana is 51! (yes i did 4 levels yesterday ) I should be gearing fairly fast and will be near Allie's Item level (122) in a couple weeks @Kyn
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    Secret Santa In Eorzea

    Ohhh what a marvelous idea! sign me up for this!
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    "Can't a 'oman get medical 'elp without ye blaggards followin me 'round all day?"
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    Arcanist Yana Rogue Yana

Congratulations to Marjevante, Icarus & Cadensce on being chosen Members of the Month for December for their primary divisions!

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