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  1. Neo

    Happy birthday bro, thanks for being one of my best friends even to this day. Hope it’s a good one! <3

  2. We haven't been able to find a permanent healer and couldn't find a comfortable healer last week that could sub for NiM TFB therefore we did SnV HM last week. After all, they had me heal and that's a recipe for disaster.
  3. until

    can you remove me from the tag list? not looking to raid at this time. thank you! @Aedi Lanigiro
  4. until

    hey guys, since we're going into TFB NiM tomorrow, it would really help if you guys try to read up mechanics prior to the raid in case you aren't familiar - here's a good guide written by Sayuri but there's also other guides out there. @brnji, @deltastarfighter, @Vehirt, @Saal, @Hippy, @brazymando, @Vorn, @Rykyn
  5. Neo

    Happy Birthday, Ezoura!! Just remember though, SWTOR>ESO. Fite me. ;) 

    1. Ezoura


      Thank you, Neo!!


      And you’re still WRONG. 

  6. Neo

    Happy Birthday Vorn! I hope you have a fantastic day filled with fun and getting to be with your loved ones and friends! :)

    1. Vorn


      Many thanks, Neo!!!  One of the things I'm grateful for is getting to game with great people like you!

  7. Neo

    VMOPs Storymode Dxun


  8. until

  9. until

    Backup, also could you add me to the backup roster @Aedi Lanigiro
  10. until

    @Merliah, I have other plans tonight, so I removed my sign up a few days ago already. Azi can have my spot.
  11. until

  12. Neo

    VMOPS Progression


    Put me on backup @Kialya
  13. Happy Birthday man!

  14. until

    Is brnji mdps? If yes, then ill just be backup ig
  15. until