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  1. Usually with it in the background of my casual gaming, primarily with RoH.
  2. Forgot to mention, fairly certain that earliest that we will group at is in the afternoon. Depends on the folks that show up, we ought to have it more organized in the future.
  3. @Nova05 Undecided technically, however I'm free all day Sunday. To assist, brainstorm, with empires, tactics and the core-mechanics with some of our newer players. ~love poptart
  4. Hallo lovelies The polled date that had the most votes was Sunday, so here we are. We will hopefully grouping Bi-weekly, if not weekly. It has yet to be decided whether or not it is a Casual campaign, or a role-play campaign. Here is a quick list of guidelines and tips regarding Stellaris role-play authored by a regular in Sam's and my random casual campaigns. Either way, I would suggest keeping a journal of sorts, regarding your favoured empire. Containing Diplomatic missives, World/ Empire/ Galactic wide news excerpts/ articles, and what have you. As previously stated, Sam and I host random casual campaigns, mainly for practice, hopefully we can fit in some role-play. Members who voted, regardless of vote: @KalianVan, @Razziie, @HighOverlordXenu, @Matatomi, @Morgana Ulfwe, @Apcar, @ShogunTaira, @RaydenMarz, @Darkbringer105, @Nova05, @Tyrtaeus@Cedany Silverstream --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This game was started on 10/21/2017, technically there is no room for a new empire. As previously mentioned though, we host a couple casual games.
  5. Congratulations on another spin around the sun.



    ~love poptart

    1. Dom


      But.. but...the sun ("Magnus") is a hole towards Aetherius, Nirn doesn't "spin" around it! o.O 





  6. Spoiler

    Let little birthday happies surround you like a mist of moonlight wonder.


    1. Stargirl


      Omg haha thank you :D

  7. Wishing you exuberant happiness, not only today, but all the days of your life. @Slailie


  8. I continue to love your forum signature updates.

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