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    Combat Medic Commando, reporting in for the fun! (Heals)
  2. Well, never figured I would join this group and post here, but here we are. I'm Junlar, the current SWTOR Division Commander, and am now recently separated pending divorce. I have 3 children (Joshua-10, Matt-7, Grace-2), work full time as an armed security officer, US Army Combat Veteran, and live in Central Texas. I enjoy all things Star Wars (minus the new trilogy, but we do not speak of those atrocities), also a tech enthusiast, and finally I particularly enjoy honing my skills with firearms at the shooting range (part of my job, but also a hobby of mine). So, feel free to hit me up with any SWTOR related questions, or just anything in general.
  3. Happy Birthday @DreamingofRoses! Us September babies rock 😎

  4. I absolutely adore the Graphical Character Sheet! (Second Option)
  5. Hello my fellow Role Players! @Esva and myself have collaborated to create a new RP group, Veteran Mode RP. In this particular series of sessions, the following will apply: 1. This will take place in an alternate timeline OUTSIDE the current RP for RoH. Meaning, the campaigns created will have no impact with established RoH lore, so we are free to have it take place at any point in the SWTOR timeline. 2. This is one of the most important aspects of this: THERE WILL BE PERMANENT CHARACTER DEATHS, IF THE SITUATION WARRANTS IT. Also, you will be able to roll death saves, but depending on the severity of the situation, the DM CAN AND WILL implement additional character flaws as it is needed. 3. IC actions WILL have IC consequences. Mission success/failures will directly impact how the campaign moves forward, for both the story and your character(s). If you feel that you are willing to follow these tenets set forth, then I highly encourage you to post your interest down below. This is still in the planning phase, depending on the amount of interest garnered, we will know how to proceed. Though this may be more intense than what you would be used to, it will be a lot of fun! With that said, sign up below, and let's get this shindig started!
  6. Happy birthday, @Sweetbunny! I hope it is a blessed day for you. 🙂