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  1. Happy Birthday!! Have a great day 🎉

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  3. Welcome! Most of us play somewhere on the Crystal Data Center, so you're positioned well on Zalera. The FC on Malboro has lost some steam, but we have a Cross-World Linkshell across Crystal to help us coordinate for Roulettes and other random fun. I'd suggest joining the unofficial discord mentioned elsewhere in the General threads - the invite there should still work, and from there you can work out with others on Crystal when to meet up in-game to get the invite for the CWLS (or your can coordinate here, but I've found it's usually harder to do that in real time).
  4. FC and other community members - please consider replying to this with your ideas and opinions. FC officers will be discussing how to structure RP stuff over the next few days so we can get more events going.
  5. I rather like Vis's format, so I will borrow from it! Sindri has been working with the company for the past couple of years, but on the sidelines - as a contractor and consultant, rather than a core member. For those generally familiar with the company, you may know: Sindri is older. She's talked about Dalmasca before it was ruled by the Garleans. Which leads to... Sindri is not from around here. As a Viera, this may be obvious, but while she may be old, she hasn't been in Eorzea for long. Her accent is thicker, and she still seems surprised by Eorzean customs and trivia. She seems to have used a great deal of her lifetime to become an expert on metalwork. This is a rarer profession for the Viera, but is mainly how she interacts with the company. She knows techniques and history of various metalworking crafts and traditions, consulting on all of that, and is frequently contracted to fashion pieces with particular design. She has a workshop and home in Mist. She doesn't just use a hammer to do that work. Sindri can manipulate aether as an arcanist, and has been seen employing a black tourmaline carbuncle as workshop assistant and battlefield distraction. Not only familiar with how to fashion various weapons, Sindri seems familiar with their use as well, and has at least on one occasion wielded a colossal Dalmascan claymore when set upon by bandits. If your character performs as male, Sindri probably doesn't pay much attention to you by default. Males who impress her somehow can escape this category, but she probably still isn't at ease with them. She seems to relate and respect female characters more, particularly Miqo'te and Viera characters. So if one or more of these hooks makes you think you might know her better: As with Vis, send me a PM on Discord if you want to coordinate anything, though coordination isn't necessary - we can just riff shared history, and flesh that out later. Any characters can have a deeper relationship with Sindri, but female characters are more likely, and those from traditionally matriarchal societies moreso.
  6. The sun was down - had been for nearly two bells - when she finally climbed the last of the white stone steps to her small shop. The sun was down, but it wasn't dark - not really. The sky was clear - as it often is in this corner of Eorzea - and the stars and moon shone brightly, almost festively. The sylphlamps were glowing under the two willows that framed the building, trapping their soft pink glow under their hanging branches. Color surrounded her in Mist - not bright, really, but it was very rarely dark, here. The white-haired viera didn't seem to notice this festivity tonight - she had a focused look on her face, her mouth in a proto-scowl as she shook a ring of thick, complex-looking keys from her satchel, singling one out almost automatically and fitting it into the lock in the black door. She slipped in, closing the door behind her with perhaps a bit more force than was strictly needed. She stood in what she thought of the as the showroom - in the actual dark - for almost a minute, breathing, reaching out, sending aether through the floor and into her workshop, finding the small, tumbled and polished lump of black tourmaline. Aetherial pressure built sharply - and released suddenly, as her carbuncle launched itself toward the stairs to greet her. She squatted there at the door, anxiety and concern on her face washing and expanding to a smile as she caught the heavy bundle that flung itself at her by way of a hello. ~~~ It was Rising again. Sindri found the relatively new festival jarring, hopeful, and all too comfortable. Heroes they couldn't remember had saved them from a terrible calamity - but the empire still marshaled it's forces, still held entire cultures hostage, threatening to stamp out everything that made these peoples different, special. She'd watched it happen for over one hundred years, and didn't see an end to it. Rising was good for a bit of coin, if you pandered to the revelers with a bit of blue crystal ornamentation, but the sheer hope and thankfulness of the festival wore thin in her - it felt like only a respite, a few beats before the other boot dropped. She channeled a bit of aether to the lamps - illumination modules, as the old manuals called them - and headed downstairs. She stripped her light, summer robes, strapped a thick leather apron over her smallclothes and began stoking the forge. She missed her people - she had wandered farther and farther from the forests over the years, but that hadn't helped. Every year around this time she began to think again about her decision to leave, to try to help those that didn't have the protection that she had growing up. Every year she wondered if she had made a difference, wondered if the empire would decide to conquer the viera next, wondered if anyone there remembered her. The only solution she found was to put her head down and work. To fashion things - deadly things, powerful things, beautiful things. If she had never left, these items would still be unformed - so if to no one else, it was worth it to them. The black tourmaline carbuncle was sitting there when she turned, a hammer in its mouth, waiting.
  7. I did a bit of searching here, and I couldn't find one. On the discord, we have a nickname convention that is mostly catching on - Character Name (ForumName). This does really help! I've added my most important FFXIV character names to my forum profile here in the About Me section - Division games have more integration in profiles, for obvious reasons.
  8. That's a good point, even if you factor in that a huge majority of the active players at the time agreed to move. I don't think anyone was asking you again to move.
  9. This post seems to be about growing the Malboro FC with recruitment, but I'm confused about your suggestion about running roulettes. I am sorry if you feel like anyone is snubbing you when it comes to roulettes. For my part, I don't run them that often, and I tend to play a little later than many folks since I'm in the Pacific timezone. I will also say that at no time should anyone feel compelled to run content they don't want to, or with players they don't want to run with (but we should try to be open to it, unless we have reasons ((but reasons should be considered valid by default))). I'm not certain I know what you're referring to here. Please talk to an officer or assistant so we can resolve any specific issues you have experienced. To address a more specific point, your situation is not the same as the situation of a brand new member - there are likely to be real social consequences due to the fact that you were a returning member. Please see it from others' point of view as well. I don't really want to rehash this - I truly thought this was dealt with and water under the bridge...but again, if there continuing issues, please talk to an officer so we can appropriately address this. If you don't bring up issues appropriately, no one has the opportunity to address them before you get to the point where you may feel like this is the solution. If the first I hear of someone's dissatisfaction is them calling for the current leadership to step down, I'm less likely to take their concerns seriously - the less it feels like someone wants to legitimately solve problems instead of lash out. I am not aware of anyone with an assistant or officer role in the Malboro FC having this mindset. We all want to recruit in-game, even if there have been setbacks. If you had approached any of us, I'm sure this would have been clearer. There have been setbacks, and I definitely understand your disappointment in the results so far. I'd love to see friendly offers to help out. Members of this community are of course clearly welcome to play the game how they want, on what data center and server they want. As Daliluin has mentioned, that creates some challenges, and can be a bit demoralizing. People are making choices that make pulling together as a community harder (I want to stress that these aren't wrong choices, just less convenient for a community). Officers invite members to help come up with event ideas, run or host their own events (all with officer support when needed), and no one seems interested in that - and again, that's totally fine. But at the same time I've felt at times an attitude of entitlement that officers should not be able to play the game how they want, should spend time and effort doing specific things...and I'm at a loss. I see officers doing things already - doing work, for free, for a group that seems to only want a casual experience in the game (which, I will not stop stressing, is fine). Personally, I don't think we're in danger of becoming a Division. Ever. I suspected this when I was asked to step up and help, and it has been reinforced by the choices of the people who play this game. I see the previous attempts to become a Division with new understanding. Not becoming a Division is fine, though. Those of us on Malboro can just focus on being a successful FC, and that is no less a success, it's a realistic management of expectations. If, over time, I'm proven wrong about Divisionhood, that's fine! I promise not specifically work against that possibility, and I can and will admit when I'm wrong. This. I might end all forum posts with this quote indefinitely.
  10. That was a really good read - instead of just saying "No, you can't be this," it gives info about how one might justify it in backstory or RP. I want to echo Vis's "remember, it's just a guide." I can think of a few other justifications for having some jobs, and I'm sure there are others I'm not thinking of.
  11. I also want to gently remind folks that this plan is one for and of the RoH FC on Malboro. It isn't a manifesto for the entire Interest Group. We don't have plans that govern anyone on Malboro that isn't in the FC, or anyone that isn't on Malboro. That isn't to say that we don't welcome feedback! But this isn't a roadmap to becoming a Division - it's just a set of ideas to help make the FC on Malboro more successful. I also want to repeat the invitation in the manifesto for events. If you have an idea for an event, or want to run/host one, let us know. And I want to specifically extend -that- invitation to folks outside the FC and the server.
  12. Almost certainly not. There is no process for this currently in the charter - recruitment within the community is driven by membership in a division. Interest groups aren't this.
  13. This admittedly made me chuckle. I think there's definitely an argument to be made for a easier recruitment process. I think @Daliluin has done a great job with the current application details - based on other feedback, we were thinking more along the lines of preparing recruits for what they might need to do for RoH community recruitment - but there is something to be said for getting them in the door and invested.
  14. Pretty excited to talk about RP stuff tonight! Since you gave us homework, I had some ideas I want to introduce here. RoH in-game might be: A wing of the Crystal Braves (story hooks for ARR and HW). There could be some spoilers for people that are early in the MSQ. An expatriated/refugee group of the Ala Mhigan military. We could have gryphons on our heraldry! Might want to shift or GC ally to be the Flames. An privateer group that is spreading their influence inland. A trading company with it's own hired muscl...err, heroes. As for Sindri, I just have some general thoughts on her as a character - an itinerant metalworker/arcanist, she's been travelling for decades after leaving the forest. Her people aren't the biggest fans of Dalmasca, but their conquest by the Garlean Empire always provoked pity and concern, and one day she just left the forest to try to help however she could. With recent events (defined by where in the story we decide we are) she thinks the best way to help the Dalmascans is by helping other enemies of the Empire - only a coalition of the greatest powers among all the continents will beat back the enemy.
  15. According to the Companion app, I have 20 HQ, 34 NQ. I think I grinded those for a bit for ALC, just been turning them in for a leve. When I get home from work, if you can find me, you're welcome to what I currently have, and I should be able to make more.