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  1. I've been experimenting with FC actions the last few days! We had a nice influx of seals over the weekend, so I used a couple of Rank 2 buffs (Not at the same time! We're not there yet). There was a little bit of chat in Discord, but we need more feedback. What kind of buffs do you want to see? Should we try to create a schedule, so that there's a crafting xp bonus day, a gathering xp bonus day? Should we always use the aetherial wheels to provide a free minor combat XP buff, or a free teleport discount? I've seen other FC's do something like this - Combat XP buff Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, with Gathering XP buff up on Tuesday and Crafting XP buff up on Thursday, and a teleport discount every day of the week because seriously the amount I lose to teleport costs...(Hygelak ranted about this for several minutes, but it's been redacted). Of course, when you provide incentives for one in-game activity, you sort of disincentivize other activities, so maybe that's a bad idea?
  2. To get started, I bought a Level 1 stand, and made a couple of wheels - one for combat XP and one for teleportation discounts. The XP wheel is charging now.
  3. This sounds awesome. It looks like you can buy a base model Level 1 Wheel with gil, and the Level 2 is a craftable lvl 70 item. If you didn't want to use up a ton of your own mats, we could try to put together what is needed as an initial FC-wide project. Having just one free buff at a time would be 100% more buffs that we currently run.
  4. Hey, @Serenitee - sorry for the unintended obfuscation. I tend to also think that FC objectives are fun an interesting, so thanks for the post - I just learned how to follow a whole thread category, so I only saw this yesterday - yay for learning, I guess! I'm sorry for your initial frustrations - anyone's, actually. We're getting things started pretty informally, but I'm sure we can respond to suggestions and criticism in a helpful way as we all get more organized. Previous to this, many of us had been using a group chat to discuss details, but forum threads are totally better - no one falls through the cracks. Let's get into the points, shall we? Ranks - Right now we have a Commander, Officer, Assistant, Member and Trial Member. Member and higher has the ability to invite - if this is an issue, an Officer can always kick offenders, or at least not promote them past Trial. Everyone can deposit into any tab of the company chest. Member and higher can withdraw from the first tab, the others are restricted (though I don't have the full details with me right now). We initially filled Officer and Assistant spots based on volunteers from that group chat - we could certainly hold elections if we continue to have active players. House/Gil - @Droghan has kept his main back on Mateus, and has been moving gil and materiel to Malboro FC members. We currently have an FC house! It's still a Small plot, but Lavender Beds Ward 3, plot 45 (in the subdivision) is a pretty spot, and very close to the open gardens and swimming area of the district. There's a bell and market board across the bridge. We haven't started the workshop yet, but we have the gil to get started - I'm certainly interested in how that works. FC Actions - The buffs. We haven't started these yet, but we should certainly do so - at least after we hit Rank 8, when we'll have access to the higher level buffs and won't need the FC credits to increase Rank anymore (we're close to Rank 7 now, so we'll get there!). To go along with this, I'd like to eventually add an Aetherial Wheel like Drog added back on Mateus (link below). Once we we do start, it wouldn't hurt to have someone explicitly in charge of Company Actions to take point and delegate when they can't be around to click the things. This can be our Commander, - @Xyain, or any Officer (or maybe Assistant depending on how permissions are set). Otherwise in the bucket of "FC stuff that we need to have done," Once we start with airships and what have you, I can see value in appointing a "Captain" of the ship to head efforts to supply and improve that. A general Crafting lead could, like in Divisions, coordinate stuff we need gathered or made and look after the Company Chest. Someone who can organize us for PvE content that we need to do would be handy. I haven't seen a lot of interest in PvP or coordinated RP yet, but the consensus was that we stay on Crystal for access to the RP community across Balmung and Mateus, so maybe we'll need leadership there, eventually, too. Fortunately, because of World Visit, we can connect with other Hopians all over Crystal for any of this! So, I know that this probably didn't nail a lot of details down for you, but I wanted to put together something more concrete so that others that hadn't voiced their questions or concerns could have a place to have some idea about what we're all doing, and maybe launch discussions from. Consider this post a start in sort of State of the Malboro FC, and know we'll be watching the Suggestions board again.
  5. Find me in-game - I'm Sindri. We can come up with ways to make the gil needed. FC rooms are cheaper than any other housing option, "just" 300K, but furnishing costs will add to that a lot. Gathering and crafting are options, but don't forget your Challenge Log - you can earn quite a bit of extra gil by targeting Challenges. I'm pushing my gathering classes so that I can get end-game treasure maps - also an excellent way for all involved to get some gil. I've been planting the seeds @Droghan smuggled over to us - starting with crystals so we have some shards in the company chest. I'd like to skip on company actions until we hit Rank 8, but we could start taking a look at the company workshop and airship stuff. I think it might be evident.
  6. The short version is that there was a smaller community that had a secret, private server up for years. A couple weeks ago, a member of that server leaked it's existence. Since then, files were leaked giving anyone with access to the hardware and some coding knowhow the ability to host a server. Some folks started talks with NCSoft to try to negotiate rights to host/play the game without them issuing takedowns, all the while others have been hard at work spreading the files needed so that it would be nigh-impossible for NCSoft to put a stop to all private servers. So right now we have CoH: Homecoming - the group who is running a cluster of servers using what is called "I25" - a version of the game modified by the secret private server group. It has some things that were in development at the end, and some power set combinations that didn't exist before for some archetypes. There is a Reddit-based community that is working on their own set-up based on the game as it was at the end, "I24," and a mostly 4chan group doing the same. There are instructions out there for setting up your own private server for a solo game, and some leads to build a small server for you and your closest friends. I am in *checks notes* four Discord servers currently following all of this. CoH was my first MMO, and it's still a lot of fun. To update, I'm on Torchbearer and Excelsior, though I'm not on every night. If we wanna coordinate to form an SG, I'd be down with that.
  7. Right - a reminder, anyone can World Visit to any other server in their Data Center. So if you're on Crystal, you can queue to jump to Malboro, Mateus, Balmung, Coeurl, etc. Another reminder - the free transfers end on May 7. We've formed a Remnants of Hope "franchise" on Malboro. There's plenty of Small plots available in all neighborhoods (though Shirogane is a little tighter). There are a couple of Medium plots available in the Goblet, last I checked, but those seem to come available more often. We're looking to create a cross-server Linkshell made for all members that we can use as a guild chat.
  8. I don't know about official - I doubt we'll get that here - but I was able to instantly pick up a small plot in Mist, which is where I'd like to be, rather that Goblet, the place I'll settle for until I can move to Mist, so I'm pretty dang happy.
  9. Right. I might start remaking some characters there. With the future of the servers so up in the air...*shrugs*.
  10. My highest level character is on Torchbearer, but with as wide open and early everything is, I'm not married to it. Is Excel' supposed to be the informal RP server?
  11. Yeah - I have some storeroom inventory to deal with, but I'll try to get that out of the way and move to Malboro tonight - unless we have compelling arguments to go someplace else. I want to snap up a personal house early, in case more of the general population on Crystal makes a similar decision.
  12. Sorry - I -just- got back to Mateus. I did see at least three Med plots available in The Goblet, and I didn't look at all the wards.
  13. I understand, but this is misleading. Reading that thread you might see that there is at least one person who voted who is not an active player. I have been logged in at least every other day, and I see the same 6 names - not 11. The fact that you say "only 11 responses" concerns me, because looking at the roster now, and including the two most recent characters to quit the FC, the 11th name on the member list logged out nearly a month ago. So, if we have 11 responses to the poll, 5 of them aren't active players.
  14. I popped into Malboro tonight. I appreciate being concerned about finding housing again, but there are -many- plot available here. As to the vast majority of active players...we have a few members who have already moved, presumably in part because there have been so few active players in the FC. Witchbolts' main is now on Faerie, as I understand it. Don't Touch lost his FC rank because he's been out for so long. I think the active players are here, speaking about this, and agreeing to a move.

Congratulations to Kingston75, Katalaw, Stormtree & DoohickeyJones on being chosen Members of the Month for June for their primary divisions!

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