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  1. That was a really good read - instead of just saying "No, you can't be this," it gives info about how one might justify it in backstory or RP. I want to echo Vis's "remember, it's just a guide." I can think of a few other justifications for having some jobs, and I'm sure there are others I'm not thinking of.
  2. I also want to gently remind folks that this plan is one for and of the RoH FC on Malboro. It isn't a manifesto for the entire Interest Group. We don't have plans that govern anyone on Malboro that isn't in the FC, or anyone that isn't on Malboro. That isn't to say that we don't welcome feedback! But this isn't a roadmap to becoming a Division - it's just a set of ideas to help make the FC on Malboro more successful. I also want to repeat the invitation in the manifesto for events. If you have an idea for an event, or want to run/host one, let us know. And I want to specifically extend -that- invitation to folks outside the FC and the server.
  3. Almost certainly not. There is no process for this currently in the charter - recruitment within the community is driven by membership in a division. Interest groups aren't this.
  4. This admittedly made me chuckle. I think there's definitely an argument to be made for a easier recruitment process. I think @Daliluin has done a great job with the current application details - based on other feedback, we were thinking more along the lines of preparing recruits for what they might need to do for RoH community recruitment - but there is something to be said for getting them in the door and invested.
  5. Pretty excited to talk about RP stuff tonight! Since you gave us homework, I had some ideas I want to introduce here. RoH in-game might be: A wing of the Crystal Braves (story hooks for ARR and HW). There could be some spoilers for people that are early in the MSQ. An expatriated/refugee group of the Ala Mhigan military. We could have gryphons on our heraldry! Might want to shift or GC ally to be the Flames. An privateer group that is spreading their influence inland. A trading company with it's own hired muscl...err, heroes. As for Sindri, I just have some general thoughts on her as a character - an itinerant metalworker/arcanist, she's been travelling for decades after leaving the forest. Her people aren't the biggest fans of Dalmasca, but their conquest by the Garlean Empire always provoked pity and concern, and one day she just left the forest to try to help however she could. With recent events (defined by where in the story we decide we are) she thinks the best way to help the Dalmascans is by helping other enemies of the Empire - only a coalition of the greatest powers among all the continents will beat back the enemy.
  6. According to the Companion app, I have 20 HQ, 34 NQ. I think I grinded those for a bit for ALC, just been turning them in for a leve. When I get home from work, if you can find me, you're welcome to what I currently have, and I should be able to make more.
  7. I'd like to ask explicit permission of @Don't Touch, @witchbolts, and @Kynn - and anyone else involved in putting these earlier proposals together that might still be around - if it would be alright to carry this work forward and update it for a future proposal for Divisionity. We could start from scratch, but the tremendous work done before us may still benefit the FFXIV fans going forward.
  8. I feel you on this. It took me a long time to make my way through the story during Stormblood - but it's a really -good- story. Well told, evocative, with characters you will really like, and sometimes miss. It's hard not to dread the grind, but the journey is -so- good.
  9. Now that Xyain's survey has given us a few more numbers, I want to come back to this. I still stand by what I have outlined above, but certainly more as a goal than a starting point. But a goal isn't going to increase activity or interest on it's own. Let's talk about events. Events are cited often as what members of this interest group want to engage with in the game, and cited often again when they leave the RoH FCs to join larger, more active FCs. If you have an idea for an event that you want to host or organize or both, please reply or PM - we can talk about how to implement it. But it wouldn't be a Hygepost(tm) without a list, so here are some initial, perhaps obvious ideas that we can start with or modify to fit our needs: Roulette Night - surprisingly not an event at the Gold Saucer, this can be held at least once weekly to help members get those cushy random instance rewards without having to PUG. Deep Dungeon Night - a weekly event to help members level using Palace of the Dead or Heaven on High. The benefit of these, in particular in FFXIV, is cool. Members of all levels higher that ~15 can benefit, and team up with high-level members to benefit everyone. Deep Dungeons don't even need gear to be current. Members would be encouraged to use our Discord for voice chat, because reading typed-out laughter is definitely a lesser experience to hearing it. FATE Trains - FATEs are short combat events that spawn througout the game zones, so a train is a group of players chugging along around a zone or set of zones, hitting all the FATEs that interest them. This helps towards weekly Challenges, and helps with FC credits. Can be tailored to certain levels by picking appropriate zones. Hunt Trains - A way to earn Alliance or Centurio seals (or...Nut Sacks) for rewards at ~50+ and get achievements! Treasure Maps - Good for making money, and the random treasure dungeons that can appear with the higher level maps are pretty fun (and even more lucrative). These could range from monthly to weekly events, and can be larger than your typical 4 character Light Party. This means we can fill PUG spots via the Party Finder and use them as a way to introduce people to RoH in game - making contacts, friends, and maybe applicants. Maybe less "events" than "drives," we could also encourage donations of gil or items (especially items needed for airship/sub expeditions) by having a monthly raffle, using a portion of the proceeds to buy a rare minion or housing decoration. We could award the winnings at a monthly FC House Party. This one is a little complicated by the existence of at least two FCs on separate worlds, but I'm sure we can adapt. Again, if you have ideas for events, particularly events you want to help run somehow - don't be shy. Or be shy, but not completely shy and PM people. I'm not your boss, you can be shy if you want.
  10. Maybe makes you rethink dismissing all the advice suggesting you could quickly remake your character on Malboro, eh? @Droghan updated the FAQ here -
  11. Fields of interest for a FFXIV Division I see (besides the DivComm): Recruiting (RO) PvE Supply (Crafting/Gathering/Housing) RP (possibly shares influence over Housing) PvP probably doesn't need an official structure - if people want to do it and we get larger interest, PvE department could probably be renamed "FULL PARTY" and we could have a PvP assistant. On top of that, I'd suggest at least one local officer for each server we maintain an FC on, as point of contact. So, Mateus, Malboro - maybe Balmung soon? These aren't full departments unless growth on that server needs them to be. Regarding recruiting - if we're talking after we achieve Divisionhood, it's probably best to mirror what the rest of RoH does. Until then, I think the RO could draft their own process and get approval from the DivComm. I also think that before and after, we should consider our home server the entire Crystal data center (apologies to those on others). I think we should start from the get-go with this intention, or immediately start discussing consolidating to one server (please no). Regarding CWLS - perhaps once the 64 member limit becomes imminent, we could focus instead on using Discord or some other tool for guild chat. We can also kick inactive members until they become active. I don't anticipate it being an issue for some time. I'm terribly disappointed in all of you. No comments about "unified Divisionhood?"
  12. *summoned from the darkness* I'll be happy to help out, but I am...radically skeptical of becoming a Division. I've seen attempts, and I've seen interest from RoH in this game flood in...and then disappear in two weeks. I don't know if we can sustain membership enough to make the effort successful or worth it. The competing nature of live-service type games, like MMOs is such that players that are active in other Divisions will have a hard time justifying playing in another game like that. If we want more stable membership, I firmly believe we need to recruit outside of RoH. I've seen that start, so that's promising... And now that I got all that out of the way, I want to stress that I will help how I can. If we want to aim for becoming a unified Division (I've been trying to make that pun ALL POST so far), then I'll absolutely help.
  13. While you can't be a member of multiple FCs at once, you can now be a member of multiple linkshells or cross-world linkshells, thereby being a member of multiple communities. We have one or two members of the RoH community on Malboro, for instance, that are members of another FC for raiding purposes - but they still run roulettes and chat with us. New player zones often still feel very alive! I think this is in part the continual draw of new players, but also the way a single character can have multiple classes or jobs - which incentivizes going back to those zones. And the cities are natural places to gather for crafting and socializing - something I've seen a lot more of here than elsegame. I don't think there's any low health warning - maybe there is something in the settings, but I don't recall seeing it. The UI is pretty customizable, though, so if you need to move your bars around to be able to keep a closer eye on your health, it's doable. You should try World Visiting to Malboro sometime - I'd be happy to meet you in Ul'dah or wherever just to say hi! If you have Discord, we have an FFXIV Discord we can use to make connections, get you invited to the cross-world linkshell, etc.
  14. You've read it right - there's a bunch of active players on Malboro, a couple still on Mateus, and at least one on Balmung! That's all on the Crystal data center, so we can all World Visit to each other and we DO have a cross-world linkshell so we can organize and stay in touch. The post-SB story is really good - don't rush to catch up too much!
  15. Anan, I hear you. We CAN do better with info on where we play and how to contact us. I was away until this weekend, so I wasn't watching the forums as closely - but one way to get ahold of players is to do what another returning player did just today - PM someone who seems active. Meanwhile, we can consider how to best provide contact info. RE: Servers - as we aren't an official division, there is no official server. Many were playing on Mateus until a few months ago. Most active players at that time moved to Malboro, but not all - some were opposed to the move. There's a few members of the RoH community that are on other servers, too. So we have a presence on multiple servers, but Malboro seems most active. If you don't see anyone around, there's an application process in-game for joining a Free Company (that's basically a guild). I can tell you are upset. It's...pretty easy to tell you are upset. Please keep that in mind if you still want to play with us after your ordeal - but otherwise, I'm glad you're on the right track now.

Congratulations to LadyAdrienne, Vorn, King Ragnar & Randal Arin on being chosen Members of the Month for August for their primary divisions!

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