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  1. That’s all really good advice. And much appreciated. I’ll just add a few things that have helped me when starting and continuing my campaign. An Alternative for Mapmaking is Inkarnate. That’s what I use. And for people who tend to do better learning from videos, and even experienced DMs I highly recommend Matthew Colville’s Running the Game series on YouTube. Also his campaign diaries are really insightful as he goes through his process of decision making and session flow that you can watch after his Livestremed game. I think the the most important advice I can give someone that is interested in running a game is you do NOT need to flesh everything out before hand. Just start with Session 1. Start with 1 town. Start with fleshing out a few NPCs in that town. I call it the magnifying glass approach. When the session ends know where your players are heading and move your magnifying glass to flesh out that area. And keep doing that as the campaign progresses and eventually you’re world will be a living breathing thing. In my experience DMing is like a magic show of smoke and mirrors. All you gotta do is give your players enough to make things interesting and they’ll fall for it everytime.
  2. I tried to join the discord, but it said the invite is invalid
  3. I’m loving it tbh. I was reading some of the groups messages and it looks like we are split across 2 servers but we are on the same data center? Do we have a cross sever linkshell or anything? I just finished my Stormblood MSQ so I have the patches in between and shadowbringer MSQ left. But I love the game so far. I’ve been playing Bard and Gunbreaker mostly but have a couple more jobs leveled at around 40-50 (Pally and Black Mage)
  4. Hey guys I have no clue if this is the right place but I also did not want to just make another thread. ive recently decided to start playing ffxiv, and I am not sure how some of these systems work. Are FCs maintained on a server or the data center? And I was told that being in the data center means we can group up still? I am currently on goblin right now just plugging away at MSQ. I play Pally atm but plan to be a cool kid and go Gunbreaker for the new expac.